5 data science bootcamps in Seattle that will increase your probability for success

by Alyssa Schroer
March 18, 2019

Coding isn’t just for software anymore. With the explosion of big data and machine learning came an influx of demand for advanced data science skills. A career in data science requires multiple skills that include knowledge of mathematics, statistics and analytics, as well as coding languages and frameworks, specifically Python

Because data science is not only an attractive career for many, but also a valuable skillset expansion for many software engineers, bootcamps and programs teaching the required knowledge have sprung up everywhere. Check out these five data science bootcamps in Seattle if you're interested in getting ahead of the curve. 


data science dojo data science bootcamps seattle
Data Science Dojo

Languages/Frameworks: R and Python

Location: Redmond

Duration: Three to five days

Cost: Varies per program

Training Overview: Data Science Dojo is a short-term data science program designed for professionals looking to expand their skills and bring new knowledge to their current careers. Dojo’s complete course offers not only data curriculum, but networking opportunities, a Kaggle competition, an abundance of reference material, and a full year of access to the online learning portal post-course.  


flatiron school data science bootcamps seattle
Flatiron School

Languages/Frameworks: Python, SQL and related frameworks

Location: Downtown

Duration: 15 weeks

Cost: $10,000

Training Overview: Flatiron School offers an immersive data science program that teaches a required mix of skills in software engineering and statistics. The program ensures students not only learn skills to pursue careers in data science but also the skills needed to stay relevant in the job market.


galvanize data science bootcamps seattle

Languages/Frameworks: Python and related frameworks

Location: Pioneer Square

Duration: 13 weeks

Cost: $17,980

Training Overview: Galvanize is a community for technology and learning. Offering a coworking space for startups and entrepreneurs, as well as courses and bootcamps, Galvanize teaches a stringent immersive data science experience for those with experience in Python, math and statistics. Along with learning the required applicable skills to work in data science, Galvanize helps students connect with a large network of hiring partners to continue their careers.


general assembly data science bootcamps seattle
general Assembly

Languages/Frameworks: Python, Git, SQL and related frameworks

Location: Downtown

Duration: 12 weeks

Cost: $15,950

Training Overview: General Assembly provides a wide range of full and part-time technology courses. Their immersive data science program provides instruction from experienced data scientists through interactive lessons, in-person collaboration and hands-on labs. The program also offers career coaching, helping students find the careers suited to them whether it's business intelligence, data science or analytics.


metis data science bootcamps seattle

Languages/Frameworks: Python, SQL and related frameworks

Location: Downtown

Duration: 12 weeks

Cost: $17,000

Training Overview: Metis provides an accredited data science bootcamp with senior data scientists as experienced instructors, as well as career advisors that help graduates get hired. The program guides students through linear regression, machine learning, databases and statistics, providing the necessary tools to continue in the data science field.


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