Healthtech showdown: Meet the 5 startups pitching in Cambia Grove TRAILS competition

by Quinten Dol
May 22, 2019
cambia grove seattle tech team
photo via cambia grove

In the field of healthtech, heavy regulations prevent developers from testing their apps in the marketplace at whim. While this makes sense overall — you want to make sure something’s going to work before releasing it to the masses — it also makes life tough for legitimate startups, which can find it difficult to test their products under real-world conditions. And in a crowded field, getting feedback from verified experts can be even more difficult.

To overcome this challenge, five health care startups from all over the country have been working away in partnership with Seattle health care innovation hub Cambia Grove over the last two months, jockeying for the chance to pitch their pediatric communications healthtech solutions to a host of expert judges. These startups have already survived two previous rounds ahead of tonight’s final. The prize is the chance to test and apply their application within the healthcare system, arming them with a working knowledge of how the system works — and how their solution can function within it.

This afternoon, the five finalists will pitch to judges from Seattle Children’s Hospital, Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, OHSU Doernbecher Children’s Hospital and UW Medicine. As the founders get ready to take the stage, here’s a quick preview of what they’ve been working on.


visom technology seattle tech startup
photo via visom technology

Hometown: Seattle, Washington

What they do: Visom Technology is leveraging advanced technology to provide physicians with real-time patient information as an augmented reality overlay, bringing up critical information and images directly on and around the patient, from the caregiver’s point of view. The startup’s first product runs in Microsoft HoloLens, and allows neurosurgeons to align 3D images to patients based on facial recognition technology, to be used for planning surgical operations.


veta health tech startup
photo via facebook

Hometown: New York, New York

What they do: Veta Health’s customizable front-end software platform seeks to improve collaboration between the various actors in outpatient care. By using their platform, the startup says patients and families can take control of health management with access to relevant content and information, guided care journeys and connections to social and community resources.


brainchild technologies tech startup
photo via brainchild technologies

Hometown: Bend, Oregon

What they do: BrainChild Technologies seeks to open a window on a critical period of neurodevelopment in children by making established neuroscience tools available for every healthcare provider. The team is currently focusing its platform on increasing access for infant hearing screenings.


turas health tech startup
photo via turas health

Hometown: Chicago, Illinois

What they do: Turas Health’s cloud-based software platform acts as the focal point of communication between patients, their families and healthcare providers like hospitals, primary care providers, sports physicians, patient support groups and even school nurses. The software integrates directly with a patient’s electronic health record, and focuses on providing an intuitive, jargon-free user interface.


toggle health startup
photo via shutterstock

Hometown: Louisville, Kentucky

What they do: Toggle Health wants to bring the kind of technology used in Roku and Apple TV devices into operating rooms. The startup has created a customizable user interface that connects with medical-grade monitors, turning them into “smart monitors” which medical staff can use to stream digital content or view images, surgical navigation plans, notes and more.


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