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Design + UX Jobs in Bellevue


Principal Product Designer

12 hours ago
From the very beginning, OfferUp has believed that the right people united by the right mission can redefine the possible. OfferUp is now the largest mobile marketplace for local buyers and sellers in the US. We connect millions of people every day, but we’re still as committed as ever to the founding mission: to build the simplest, most trustworthy local marketplace. We help bring people together in their communities to exchange value, and we

Senior UX Designer

15 hours ago
The Product/UX Designer applies principles of design thinking to conceptualize engaging, valuable and delightful user experiences. You will design intuitive user interfaces for our web and mobile apps. You will represent the end user and evangelize user-centered methodologies across the product team to ensure a design that truly meets people’s needs from first-time users to seasoned experts.  

Senior UX Researcher

Director, UX Design

4 days ago
We need you to show up every day as a leader and inject yourself into our fast-paced, multi-product environment to help us craft compelling software while at the same time building up our long-term UX and UA muscle. You will lead our user experience and user assistance capabilities. You will work closely with product management and engineering leadership to foster a tightly iterative process and consistently get the right talent on the right challenges at the right times. Your UX team will exchange ideas with products and engineering, help clarify use cases and requirements and quickly produce supporting design artifacts, both lo-fi and hi-fi. You will cultivate the skills and the environment that allow designers to be prized members of any team. In parallel, your UA team will identify the high-return user assistance assets and deliver them to users in the best way to net a successful customer experience.

Curriculum Designer (Full-time)

DreamBox Learning
1 week ago
From initial brainstorming through refinements and improvements, design engaging, pedagogically sound student-driven lessons and experiences using innovative manipulatives, games, scaffolding, and learning pathways. Ensure data visualizations, suggested actions for teachers, and teacher-led mini-lessons for students accurately reflect students’ needs and progress. Align and map state/regional standards and print resources in order to help teachers easily find concepts in the DreamBox curriculum and enable differentiation for students. Deliver quality webinars and presentations, craft blog posts and whitepapers, and other ways to support clients, sales, and marketing events. Create lessons, curriculum, that align with DreamBox learning design principles and demonstrably improve student understanding, achievement, engagement, and confidence in math. Develop Curriculum mappings, alignments, representations of student progress and proficiency for parent and educator dashboards, and teacher recommended actions that create more effective teachers and improve student achievement. Provide competent, expert learning insights for Product Management, Marketing, Sales, Client Success, and Professional Development.

Senior UX Designer - Mobile

EagleView Technologies
1 week ago
We are looking for a user-experience (UX) designer with a passion for building great user interfaces. The UX designer is responsible for creating elegant and clear design layouts and flows on a variety of platforms, based on user stories and tasks. The UX designer is responsible for conceiving and conducting user research, interviews and surveys, and translating them into sitemaps, user flows, customer journey maps, wireframes, mockups and prototypes. The UX designer will also be expected to design the overall functionality of the user interface to our platform, and iterate based on instrumented analytics, user feedback and an understanding of the long term vision for the product. The role is focused on building user interfaces for our operations team and vendor partners, which are a critically important foundation for building an efficient and scalable platform.

Design + UX salaries in Seattle

Job Title Average Salary Salary Range
Visual Designer $76,909
Min: $50K
Max: $120K
UI Designer $83,250
Min: $57K
Max: $103K
Product Designer $96,150
Min: $70K
Max: $145K
UX Designer $105,577
Min: $68K
Max: $138K
Senior UI Designer $109,550
Min: $83K
Max: $130K
Art Director $115,444
Min: $70K
Max: $165K
Senior UX Designer $117,219
Min: $91K
Max: $153K
Creative Director $160,042
Min: $128K
Max: $223K
Design Director $180,333
Min: $170K
Max: $196K
CCO (Chief Creative Officer) $278,000
Min: $278K
Max: $278K

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