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Principal Technical Program Manager

1 day ago
The core of this role is delivery of projects at all scales. This means you are not only able to develop and drive cross organization strategic initiatives, but can also roll up your sleeves, dig in and deliver cross team features and projects. As a TPM, you will anticipate bottlenecks, provide escalation management, anticipate and make tradeoffs, and balance the business needs versus technical constraints. You have the ability to take large, complex projects and break them down into manageable pieces, develop functional specifications and then deliver them in a successful and timely manner.

Technical Project Manager AI

3 days ago
Lead clients through an innovation lifecycle by identifying new opportunities to innovate using the latest techniques and RPA, ML, and AI product capabilities to unlock the full potential of our platform. You will drive cross-functional teams of Data Scientists, Data Engineers, Software Engineers, and Business Subject Matter Experts to build showcase solutions that highlight the next generation of automation and intelligent robots. You will also help define new solutions patterns and frameworks to solve problems in a highly repeatable manner and at global and enterprise scale. We are one of the few companies in the world working on real AI problems, have teams interfacing directly with the customers and have the customers ready to use the things we build. As an Senior Program Manager you will have a rare opportunity to make real-world impact and be at the forefront of real solutions using cutting-edge technologies.

Technical Integration Specialist

Pilot Engagement Manager

3 days ago
Today, there is a chronic and pervasive customer data problem -- one that’s preventing some of the world’s most loved brands from understanding and engaging their customers through meaningful and captivating customer experiences. Amperity has invented a way to solve this problem with the horsepower of a distributed data infrastructure and the intelligence of bleeding-edge machine learning algorithms and techniques. Amperity frees, connects, and

Senior Technical Program Manager

1 week ago
  As a Senior Technical Program Manager, you will help the Audience Platform engineering teams define, build and ship solutions that improve Quantcast’s publishers’ and advertisers’ experiences. You will play a pivotal role in leading projects at all stages: inception, design, development, deployment and subsequent improvements. You will pursue meaningful problems and coordinate high profile projects across multiple teams to ensure our goals are met. You will interface across product, engineering and modeling teams within Quantcast to deliver state-of-the-art solutions.

Technical Program Manager - Security

1 week ago
As the first Technical Program Manager of Security in engineering, you will be responsible for ensuring that Sift Science’s Trust Platform is deserving of and exceeding that trust from a technical perspective by continually improving Sift Science’s security posture.

Solutions Professional (CAD Subject Matter Expert)

1 week ago
You will be the connective tissue between the stakeholders involved in successfully building the product, bringing it to market, and getting it into the hands of customers. We are looking for someone hungry to leverage their knowledge of law enforcement, emergency dispatch, and building successful teams to help bring revolutionary tools to the market. If you come from a law enforcement/communications background, this is an opportunity to dive deep and help build a product that would have made your life that much easier. In the beginning, your primary role will be to work with the Product team, ensuring that we are focusing on the highest-impact value. As we bring Axon Now to market, you will be responsible for building early Sales channels and assisting Product Marketing to craft messaging that resonates with the industry. Once Axon Now is in the market, you will be responsible for enabling Sales by identifying, pursuing, and qualifying opportunities.

Project Mgmt salaries in Seattle

Job Title Average Salary Salary Range
Project Coordinator $59,625
Min: $41K
Max: $70K
Implementation Specialist $62,357
Min: $45K
Max: $132K
Implementation Manager $82,714
Min: $42K
Max: $102K
Project Manager $91,250
Min: $59K
Max: $114K
Senior Project Manager $112,500
Min: $68K
Max: $140K
Technical Project Manager $115,146
Min: $84K
Max: $185K
Scrum Master $116,708
Min: $86K
Max: $150K

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Big Data, HR Tech
Fintech, Software
Productivity, Software
Information Technology, Professional Services

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