Automation Engineer salary in Seattle

Average Base Salary in Seattle

Additional Cash Compensation
Total Compensation
Median: 130,000
Min: $90K
Max: $145K

How Much Does a Automation Engineer Make in Seattle?

The average salary for a Automation Engineer in Seattle is $123,000. The average additional cash compensation for a Automation Engineer in Seattle is $5,690. The average total compensation for a Automation Engineer in Seattle is $128,690. Automation Engineer salaries are based on responses gathered by Built In from anonymous Automation Engineer employees in Seattle.

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Automation Engineer
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Automation Engineer jobs in Seattle

Test Automation Engineer (SDET)

1 week ago
Tl;dr Nori is looking for an experienced test automation engineer (aka SDET) to expand and maintain our existing full-stack test suites. About Nori We’re a team of believers. We believe that humanity can stop and even reverse climate change by removing over 1 trillion tonnes of CO2 from the atmosphere. How do we get people to remove that much carbon at scale? Pay them! Nori’s marketplace is the infrastructure that creates the financial incentive for

Automation Engineer

1 week ago
ABOUT USCard Kingdom has served Magic: The Gathering players across the world for over 20 years. We are a trusted source for buying and selling Magic: The Gathering singles, packs, and booster boxes from throughout the game's history. Our love of the community and game shines through everything we do. We are a customer-centric, data-driven, innovative workplace. We value our team and recognize that every role in our organization is behind

3D Automation Engineer, Vertebrae

2 months ago
Snap Inc. is a camera company. We believe that reinventing the camera represents our greatest opportunity to improve the way people live and communicate. Our products empower people to express themselves, live in the moment, learn about the world, and have fun together. Snapchat is a camera and messaging app that connects people to their friends and the world. Every day around the globe, millions of people use Snapchat to communicate with friends

Automation Engineer I, Test Automation - Product Quality

2 days ago
Our mission at Duolingo is to develop the best education in the world and make it universally available. But we’ve got more left to do — and that's where you come in! Duolingo is the most popular language-learning application in the world, with over 500 million users and over half a billion exercises completed daily. Beyond our core learning product, we have also entered into literacy with Duolingo ABC and English proficiency testing with the

Automation Engineer Salary ranges

The most common Automation Engineer salary in Seattle is between $140k - $150k.

Average Automation Engineer Salary by Company Size

People with the job title Automation Engineer make the most at companies with 1,000+ employees, earning $132,500 on average.

Automation Engineer Salary by gender

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Automation Engineer Salary by Years of Experience

The average salary for a Automation Engineer with 7+ years of experience is $131,667.

Average Dev + Engineer salaries in Seattle

Job TitleAverage SalarySalary Range
Junior Software Engineer$94,600
Min: $70K
Max: $140K
QA Engineer$96,352
Min: $63K
Max: $140K
Software Test Engineer$103,767
Min: $72K
Max: $160K
QA Analyst$109,250
Min: $62K
Max: $150K
Front End Developer$109,576
Min: $55K
Max: $155K
Salesforce Developer$111,650
Min: $74K
Max: $145K
Hardware Engineer$120,221
Min: $89K
Max: $152K
iOS Developer$121,857
Min: $115K
Max: $128K
Automation Engineer$123,000
Min: $90K
Max: $145K
Systems Engineer$127,827
Min: $93K
Max: $167K
Sales Engineer$130,000
Min: $84K
Max: $181K
Software Engineer$130,731
Min: $16K
Max: $290K
Data Engineer$131,190
Min: $88K
Max: $190K
Android Developer$131,375
Min: $80K
Max: $180K
Site Reliability Engineer$133,500
Min: $100K
Max: $154K
Game Developer$134,293
Min: $111K
Max: $212K
Security Engineer$136,587
Min: $85K
Max: $230K
Database Administrator$142,500
Min: $142K
Max: $143K
DevOps Engineer$143,262
Min: $92K
Max: $208K
Senior Software Engineer$159,237
Min: $120K
Max: $230K
QA Manager$159,286
Min: $135K
Max: $215K
Lead Software Engineer$172,003
Min: $105K
Max: $240K
Engineering Manager$177,243
Min: $132K
Max: $240K
Machine Learning Engineer$180,667
Min: $139K
Max: $230K
Data Architect$180,963
Min: $145K
Max: $240K
Principal Software Engineer$185,757
Min: $147K
Max: $250K
Director of Software Engineering$203,191
Min: $147K
Max: $268K
CTO (Chief Technology Officer)$223,636
Min: $180K
Max: $350K
Data Engineering Manager$231,020
Min: $183K
Max: $279K
Vice President of Engineering$239,125
Min: $195K
Max: $300K

Skills that affect Automation Engineer salaries in Seattle

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Concept Validation
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Roadmap Development
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Recent Automation Engineer salaries in Seattle

Yearly Salary
A QA Automation Engineer reported a yearly salary of $135,000 with +$15,000 in additional cash compensation
7+ Years of Experience
1,000+ Employees
Yearly Salary
A Automation Engineer reported a yearly salary of $130,000
1-3 Years of Experience
1,000+ Employees
Yearly Salary
A Automation Engineer reported a yearly salary of $145,000 with +$5,000 in additional cash compensation
7+ Years of Experience
501-1,000 Employees
Yearly Salary
A Automation Engineer reported a yearly salary of $90,000 with +$5,000 in additional cash compensation
5-7 Years of Experience
501-1,000 Employees
1-5 Reports
Yearly Salary
A Equipment Engineer III reported a yearly salary of $115,000 with +$3,450 in additional cash compensation
7+ Years of Experience
501-1,000 Employees
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