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Data + Analytics
Design + UX
Dev + Engineer
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Principal Software Engineer
Account Executive
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Analytics Manager
Android Developer
Art Director
Associate Product Manager
Automation Engineer
Brand Manager
Budget Analyst
Business Analyst
Business Development Manager
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Business Intelligence Analyst
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Visual Designer

Principal Software Engineer salary in Seattle

Average Base Salary in Seattle

Additional Cash Compensation
Total Compensation
Median: $170K
Min: $145K
Max: $228K

How Much Does a Principal Software Engineer Make in Seattle?

The average salary for a Principal Software Engineer in Seattle is $170,124. The average additional cash compensation for a Principal Software Engineer in Seattle is $42,489. The average total compensation for a Principal Software Engineer in Seattle is $212,613. Principal Software Engineer salaries are based on responses gathered by Built In Seattle from anonymous Principal Software Engineer employees in Seattle.

Seattle by the numbers

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Principal Software Engineer jobs in Seattle

Principal Software Engineer, Voice Intelligence

1 week ago
Making and receiving voice calls are a key component of the Outreach product offering. While a lot of telecommunication problems are “solved” in the realm of PBX software, our customers need more. Outreach customers complete many calls with their prospects on our voice platform on a daily basis. The Voice Team is hiring software engineers to increase the momentum in this space. If you have experience in building high availability voice communication systems with open source real-time communication software and commercial communications platform APIs, we’d love to talk to you about this opportunity. Real-time system development is a little different from other web development. The features we build are inherently heavy on state, complex in workflow, and include extensive third-party integrations. You’ll have to be creative, build on top of a lot of existing technology, and stay focused on Outreach’s core value proposition of revenue efficiency. You’ll be building systems to ensure calling is simple, reliable, and crystal clear; so that our customers can reduce the time on clicking around or performing repetitive actions and focus on what matters most - interacting with their prospects.

Principal Software Engineer I (Python, Java & AWS)

1 week ago
Interface with end users to gather, understand and translate requirements into the Agile delivery process. Technically lead the design, implementation and delivery of complex solutions end to end. Work closely with engineers, product owners, architects to deliver innovative solutions that solve complex healthcare problems . Ensure that we are continuously raising our standard of engineering excellence by implementing best practices, frameworks, and tools. Manage individual sprint priorities, deadlines and deliverables.

Principal Engineer

1 week ago
As a Principal Engineer at Convoy, you will help guide the evolution of our core systems and capabilities while supporting new green field opportunities. You will help establish technical standards and drive Convoy system architecture, engineering practices, and engineering methodologies. You work on our hardest problems, building high quality, scalable, and architecturally sound systems that are aligned with our business needs. Principal Engineers are pragmatic visionaries who can translate business needs into workable technology solutions. Your expertise is deep and broad allowing you to produce both detailed technical work and high-level architectural designs. Principal Engineers are leaders and mentors, setting excellent examples for their local teams and the entire engineering community.

Principal Software Development Engineer

5 days ago
We are looking for a Senior Principal Software Development Engineer to join our application engineering team. In this role, you will lead and positively impact multiple product areas within your functional domain, as well as influence the broader technology organization. You will provide technical leadership for critical areas that significantly impact customer success.

Principal Machine Learning Engineer

5 days ago
Key goal of the Data Science team is to transform how sales reps operate by enabling personalized guided selling. This requires a scalable cost-efficient data and ML infrastructure. As a member of the team, you will be on the ground floor, working directly with the VP of Data Science to define and implement our strategy for delivering on this vision. You will be responsible for improving and scaling our data, ML, and experimentation infrastructure, delivering models and data-driven functionality, automating ML pipelines. You will serve as tech lead owning the outcomes of projects and initiatives, working with junior team members, collaborating with other engineering teams, and providing technical guidance.

Principal Security Architect

5 days ago
We are looking for a Principal Security Engineer to join the Security Engineering team to work directly with our engineering partners to build Auth0’s future infrastructure stack. Successful candidates will have a passion for building reliable and scalable distributed systems, a technical background, hands-on experience in developing cloud systems at scale, a solid understanding of architecture-based security issues, how to design enterprise systems for security, deep architectural threat modeling experience, and the ability to collaborate with others to drive initiatives forward.

Principal Product Manager, Platform

5 days ago
We’re looking for a technically savvy product manager to deliver solutions that empower customers to realize the value of the platform. This is a high-impact role that requires you to understand the business challenges and use-cases of our auth0 customers and developers to shape the product roadmap. Experience in cloud (AWS) infrastructure, storage, security, containerization/kubernetes, and CI/CD pipeline is highly desirable. A fierce curiosity and strong collaboration skills are your keys to success.

Principal Product Manager

1 week ago
We are looking for an excellent thinker and executor who is curious to reinvent a ripe-for-disruption industry and who can rapidly scale up his/her scope and skills to meet the pace of our growth. Intellectual curiosity, ability to roll up one’s sleeves, and emotional intelligence are essential for this role. In addition, you need to have a passion for product development, and be driven to grow and scale OfferUp forward through the inevitable ups and downs of an earlier stage tech company.

Principal Data Architect

1 week ago
The Principal Data Architect will design, direct, and maintain the implementation of world-class business data solutions to support a wide variety of internal and external stakeholders. This hands-on leader will serve as a data expert and adviser for all teams, guiding the overall data strategy of the organization.

Principal Security Architect

1 month ago
*           Research security technologies and products in the marketplace. *           Determines security requirements by evaluating business strategies and requirements; researching information security standards; conducting system security and vulnerability analyses and risk assessments; studying architecture/platform; identifying integration issues; preparing cost estimates. *           Plans security systems by evaluating network and security technologies; developing requirements for network environments; designs public key infrastructures (PKIs), including use of certification authorities (CAs) and digital signatures as well as hardware and software encryption solutions; adhering to industry standards. *           Implements security systems by specifying intrusion detection methodologies, preparing preventive and reactive measures; creating, transmitting, and maintaining keys and encrypted data; providing technical guidance to engineering and support teams; completing documentation. *           Verifies system and application security by performing security assessments, code reviews, configuration and design reviews. *           Maintains security by ensuring we have adequate security measures that align with our compliance standards and policies; conducting incident response analysis when required, and working with leadership and technical teams on remediation plans.

Principal Product Manager

1 month ago
Work with product management, engineering, and design team to formulate our vision and roadmap defining ServiceNow CMDB. Serve as an evangelist within Service Now Engineering and Field and be the go-to person to help solve customer questions, problems with CMDB. Maintain a firm grasp of customer problem with end-to-end visibility and understand what is required for ServiceNow to solve. Define and prioritize a backlog of work including the creation of epics and user stories using INVEST guidelines and be data-driven in prioritizing new features and improvements. Work with global 2000 customers to determine unmet needs, business goals, product usage, and refine ideas with concepts and product feedback. Collaborate with internal stakeholders and key customers to drive adoption and ensure new products are driving successful outcomes in ServiceNow offerings. Work with User Learning (help files and documentation), Training, and Support and Professional Services to assure smooth uptake and adoption.

Principal Search Engineer

2 months ago
This role requires extreme familiarity with the industry of Search and will allow you to lead with your passion and knowledge of search. We move the world with our imagery, and we want your help to drive this progress forward with relevance algorithms, image search, and natural language processing. This role will work very closely with product management, content, data science, and senior technology leaders to deliver cutting edge, impactful changes with speed and urgency, and will inspire those around them to raise the bar and deliver impact. 

Principal Software Engineer Salary ranges

Average Principal Software Engineer Salary by Company Size

People with the job title Principal Software Engineer make the most at companies with 500+ employees, earning $174,986 on average.

Principal Software Engineer Salary by gender

The average Principal Software Engineer salary for women is $185,000 and the average Principal Software Engineer salary for men is $177,247.

Principal Software Engineer Salary by Years of Experience

The average salary for a Principal Software Engineer with 7+ years of experience is $177,731.

Average Dev + Engineer salaries in Seattle

Job Title Average Salary Salary Range
QA Analyst $84,321
Min: $64K
Max: $109K
Software Test Engineer $90,537
Min: $70K
Max: $126K
Junior Software Engineer $92,000
Min: $92K
Max: $92K
QA Engineer $92,169
Min: $54K
Max: $149K
Front End Developer $97,986
Min: $55K
Max: $134K
Salesforce Developer $98,294
Min: $74K
Max: $140K
iOS Developer $98,818
Min: $76K
Max: $130K
Automation Engineer $107,167
Min: $94K
Max: $133K
Android Developer $116,100
Min: $95K
Max: $130K
Sales Engineer $117,080
Min: $87K
Max: $145K
DevOps Engineer $121,325
Min: $70K
Max: $160K
Security Engineer $124,752
Min: $85K
Max: $173K
Data Engineer $126,468
Min: $82K
Max: $190K
Software Engineer $128,058
Min: $70K
Max: $295K
QA Manager $129,333
Min: $80K
Max: $155K
Game Developer $134,000
Min: $134K
Max: $134K
Systems Engineer $135,000
Min: $135K
Max: $135K
Hardware Engineer $138,000
Min: $138K
Max: $138K
Machine Learning Engineer $139,000
Min: $139K
Max: $139K
Site Reliability Engineer $142,000
Min: $142K
Max: $142K
Database Administrator $143,000
Min: $143K
Max: $143K
Data Architect $146,625
Min: $113K
Max: $195K
Senior Software Engineer $154,115
Min: $60K
Max: $218K
Lead Software Engineer $162,000
Min: $162K
Max: $162K
Principal Software Engineer $170,124
Min: $145K
Max: $228K
Engineering Manager $173,972
Min: $131K
Max: $375K
Data Engineering Manager $183,000
Min: $183K
Max: $183K
Director of Software Engineering $215,661
Min: $147K
Max: $268K
CTO (Chief Technology Officer) $223,200
Min: $137K
Max: $350K
Vice President of Engineering $253,594
Min: $160K
Max: $330K

Skills that affect Principal Software Engineer salaries in Seattle

2% have this skill
2% have this skill
2% have this skill
2% have this skill
Amazon Web Services
2% have this skill
2% have this skill

Recent Principal Software Engineer salaries in Seattle

Yearly Salary
A Principal Software Engineer reported a yearly salary of $150,000
7+ Years of Experience
1-10 Employees
1-5 Reports
Yearly Salary
A Principal Software Engineer reported a yearly salary of $147,030
5-7 Years of Experience
Prefer not to say
201-500 Employees
Yearly Salary
A Principal Software Engineer reported a yearly salary of $175,000
7+ Years of Experience
500+ Employees
Yearly Salary
A Staff Software Engineer reported a yearly salary of $228,000 with +$45,000 in additional cash compensation
7+ Years of Experience
500+ Employees
Yearly Salary
A Principal Software Engineer reported a yearly salary of $160,000 with +$15,000 in additional cash compensation
7+ Years of Experience
500+ Employees
Yearly Salary
A Principal Software Engineer reported a yearly salary of $151,000 with +$10,000 in additional cash compensation
7+ Years of Experience
201-500 Employees
Yearly Salary
A Principal Member of Technical Staf reported a yearly salary of $180,000 with +$120,000 in additional cash compensation
7+ Years of Experience
500+ Employees
Yearly Salary
A Principal Software Engineer reported a yearly salary of $165,000 with +$25,000 in additional cash compensation
7+ Years of Experience
201-500 Employees
Yearly Salary
A Senior Architect reported a yearly salary of $170,000 with +$34,000 in additional cash compensation
7+ Years of Experience
500+ Employees
Yearly Salary
A Principal software developer reported a yearly salary of $155,700 with +$28,400 in additional cash compensation
7+ Years of Experience
500+ Employees
Salaries//Dev + Engineer//Principal Software Engineer