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QA Engineer salary in Seattle

Average Base Salary in Seattle

Median: $93K
Min: $54K
Max: $149K

How Much Does a QA Engineer Make in Seattle?

The average salary for a QA Engineer in Seattle is $92,856. QA Engineer salaries are based on responses gathered by Built In Seattle from anonymous QA Engineer employees in Seattle.

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QA Engineer jobs in Seattle

Quality Assurance Engineer/SDET

1 week ago
Smartsheet is looking for a Quality Assurance Engineer/SDET to join our team. The most successful candidate has a history of identifying and making improvements in QA and yet still has the ability, drive, and passion to be a standout individual contributor. As a black box tester you notice the details and have an instinct for quickly finding issues and accurately reporting them. As an SDET you are able to identify the areas to automate for highest return on investment and add automation on top of an existing framework. At heart, you are a hands-on tester who eagerly meets new challenges, values the customer, and will be able to increasingly contribute to the success of our award winning software. This position will be located at our headquarters in Bellevue, WA and will report to the Quality Assurance Manager.

QA Engineer, Web

1 week ago
Smartsheet is seeking a QA Engineer who will support the Digital Marketing team in the creation of innovative and interactive digital experiences across website properties. This individual will work alongside a team of developers, designers and business stakeholders to ensure the quality of our website properties and customer experience, and verify what is built accurately represents the project intent.

Web QA Engineer

1 day ago
Major areas of responsibility for the Web QA Engineer is to track bugs, write test cases, document projects, run regression tests for web projects being developed by our internal team.  Strong attention to detail is required and as well as good eye for design implementation issues. The ability to creatively stress application capabilities to uncover and document edge cases is also necessary.

QA Engineer, Cloud

1 week ago
Work on multi-discipline team to deliver tested features at the end of each sprint. Represent QA in every phase of an Agile sprint SDLC. Analyze requirements and acceptance criteria to generate appropriate test plans and test cases to minimize defects and risk. Write and execute test cases for either manual and/or automated execution. Participate in periodic release test passes which include new feature testing, regression testing, defect validation and release acceptance testing.

QA Engineer Salary ranges

The most common QA Engineer salary in Seattle is between $90k - $100k.

Average QA Engineer Salary by Company Size

People with the job title QA Engineer make the most at companies with 500+ employees, earning $96,213 on average.

QA Engineer Salary by gender

QA Engineer Salary by Years of Experience

Average Dev + Engineer salaries in Seattle

Job Title Average Salary Salary Range
QA Analyst $84,321
Min: $64K
Max: $109K
Salesforce Developer $89,200
Min: $74K
Max: $120K
Software Test Engineer $91,175
Min: $70K
Max: $126K
QA Engineer $92,856
Min: $54K
Max: $149K
Front End Developer $95,823
Min: $55K
Max: $134K
iOS Developer $98,818
Min: $76K
Max: $130K
Automation Engineer $105,500
Min: $94K
Max: $133K
Data Engineer $111,508
Min: $70K
Max: $150K
Android Developer $113,417
Min: $95K
Max: $126K
DevOps Engineer $117,485
Min: $70K
Max: $150K
Sales Engineer $119,158
Min: $94K
Max: $145K
Security Engineer $123,200
Min: $92K
Max: $173K
Software Engineer $125,089
Min: $70K
Max: $222K
Data Architect $125,750
Min: $113K
Max: $145K
QA Manager $126,200
Min: $80K
Max: $140K
Senior Software Engineer $155,936
Min: $125K
Max: $190K
Principal Software Engineer $171,100
Min: $145K
Max: $197K
Engineering Manager $176,006
Min: $131K
Max: $375K
Director of Software Engineering $219,647
Min: $151K
Max: $252K
CTO (Chief Technology Officer) $228,421
Min: $137K
Max: $350K
Vice President of Engineering $253,536
Min: $160K
Max: $330K

Seattle Companies with the Highest Dev + Engineer Salaries

Digital Media, eCommerce
Security, Software
Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning

Skills that affect QA Engineer salaries in Seattle

3% have this skill
3% have this skill
1% have this skill
Amazon Web Services
1% have this skill
Android (Java)
1% have this skill
1% have this skill

Recent QA Engineer salaries in Seattle

Yearly Salary
A QA Engineer reported a yearly salary of $85,000
1-3 Years of Experience
51-200 Employees
Yearly Salary
A QA Engineer reported a yearly salary of $93,000
500+ Employees
Yearly Salary
A QA Engineer reported a yearly salary of $94,000
500+ Employees
Yearly Salary
A QA Engineer reported a yearly salary of $54,000
500+ Employees
Yearly Salary
A QA Engineer reported a yearly salary of $97,000
500+ Employees
Yearly Salary
A QA Engineer reported a yearly salary of $55,500
500+ Employees
Yearly Salary
A QA Engineer reported a yearly salary of $100,000
500+ Employees
Yearly Salary
A QA Engineer reported a yearly salary of $66,500
500+ Employees
Yearly Salary
A QA Engineer reported a yearly salary of $105,000
500+ Employees
Yearly Salary
A QA Engineer reported a yearly salary of $68,000
500+ Employees
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