Content Marketing Manager salary in Seattle

Average Base Salary in Seattle

Median: $83K
Min: $52K
Max: $113K

How Much Does a Content Marketing Manager Make in Seattle?

The average salary for a Content Marketing Manager in Seattle is $82,500. Content Marketing Manager salaries are based on responses gathered by Built In Seattle from anonymous Content Marketing Manager employees in Seattle.

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Content Marketing Manager jobs in Seattle

DITA Content Engineer

1 week ago
Identify opportunities and develop solutions to improve the efficiency of content lifecycle processes through automation. Participate in sprint planning and daily Scrum meetings to ensure the timely delivery of content delivery enhancements and technical content that create business value for both internal and external customers. Assist writing teams in troubleshooting and resolving authoring system and content build issues. Support a continuous delivery model while also enforcing quality, content structure, version control, and publishing strategies that support multiple deliverables, languages, and formats. Stay abreast of industry trends and continuously improve your technical skills.

Content Production Manager

1 week ago
As a Program Manager for Project Archer, you’ll plan, execute, and deliver processes and practices that will enable our creative team to do their best work while being able to ship completed projects to our clients. You will work with a wide variety of teams within Project Archer including engineering, technical artists, 3D animators, narrative designers, operations and product. You will serve as a dependable point of contact for the creative department at Project Archer, and ensure the program’s needs for documentation and internal messaging are met. To do this, you will need a blend of project management and communications acumen to collaborate cross-functionally across business units.

Content Strategist

1 week ago
We’re looking for someone who is a strong storyteller (narratively and visually), and understands how to create content that scale brands. You will be tasked with establishing strong relationships with cross-functional teams and continually working to optimize processes. As a Content Strategist, you must be organized, a strong communicator, team player, and have a proven ability to inspire and motivate the team. This position requires the ability to work with minimal direction and the capacity to move quickly while delivering creative that will ensure high-quality results.

Senior Content Designer

2 weeks ago
As a content designer, you’re a natural storyteller and you know how to use design thinking to build amazing products. You believe in the power of clear language to communicate ideas, and you thrive on creating solutions that help people. You know that good content design starts with learning what your customers need and how they talk about it, and you are driven by a passion for making technology more accessible and usable. You empower others to apply design thinking methodologies to the work they do, teaching and guiding them to help scale content design work across more areas of the product and content experience. We’re looking for an innovative and highly collaborative content designer to join us. Our team creates content experiences for Azure Data customers spanning the web and our amazing premises platforms, including UX writing, documentation, and video.

Marketing Content Writer – Security Enablement

3 weeks ago
The Marketing Content Writer – Security Enablement is a naturally curious, resourceful researcher and creative problem-solver—a self-starter with the drive to take initiative and pursue the information needed to deliver outstanding content for our organization. This individual will serve as a critical contributor to our organization to work with a variety of stakeholders and subject-matter experts to concept and create content that positions our organization as a trusted voice of clarity and a resource for our employees and customers on matters of data privacy, security, reliability and responsiveness. We are looking for an experienced and exceptional writer with a creative and solution-oriented mindset, deep knowledge of business objectives and the ability to adapt to fast-changing priorities.

Senior Engineering Manager, Content Management

3 weeks ago
Tableau introduced power of visual analytics to the world making it the de-facto analytics standard in the enterprise. The Content Management team is building services and experiences which empower Tableau Server users to organize, browse and discover content in the enterprise. This team has a strong UX presence and is critical for adoption of Tableau products at scale. In this role, you will be responsible for driving the architecture and vision of these systems. You will lead a team of engineers who work across our server and online experience to deliver a modern, responsive web application. This will require a data-informed approach where impact of change is measured, analyzed and fed into the next change creating ever improving experience for our users. This job requires great communication and engineering skills to ensure we are delivering on both our feature requirements as well as architecting solid robust and reliable services that scale well as we expand our offerings. We are looking for an Engineering Leader to join us as we embark on the next phase.

Engineer Manager, Content Presentation- HBO Max

2 weeks ago
As the Senior Staff Engineer Lead of the HBO Max Component Framework team, you will guide and motivate your team. You will take an active role in developing the careers of everyone on your team. You will define metrics for success, and clear the way for your team to achieve and exceed them. You will foster and encourage diverse viewpoints, and are able to harmonize discordant views.

Platform Product Marketing and Content Manager, Google Cloud

4 days ago
As the Platform Product Marketing and Content Manager for Google Cloud, you will play a pivotal role in shaping the future of Google Cloud. You will be responsible for the product marketing of the complete set of Google Cloud products, focusing on what makes the Google Cloud products and solutions different from others in the market. You will work closely with product marketing, campaign marketing, industry solutions, and sales and partner teams, and be responsible for the positioning of the Google Cloud business, messaging, and content across all channels. You will create compelling stories that highlight the business value of Google Cloud solutions. You will work cross-functionally to implement go-to-market strategies and interface with leaders across industries and regions.

Sr. Machine Learning Engineer, Content Discovery Engagement - HBO Max

2 weeks ago
As a Senior Machine Learning Engineer on the Content Discovery Engagement team, you will be operationalizing and deploying machine learned models that improve the relevance and discoverability of what customers see when they use HBO Max. Your role will include working with data science teams to create machine learned models and building a framework to quickly bring those models and their subsequent iterations into production. Your responsibility will include both bringing models to production and enabling others to do the same. The framework you define will lay the foundation for a seamless pipeline that decreases the cost of launching ML models to increase the throughput of experimentation and experience optimization.

Content Marketing Manager Salary ranges

The two most common Content Marketing Manager salary ranges in Seattle are $50k - $60k and $110k - $120k.

Average Content Marketing Manager Salary by Company Size

People with the job title Content Marketing Manager make the most at companies with 500+ employees, earning $113,000 on average.

Content Marketing Manager Salary by gender

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Content Marketing Manager Salary by Years of Experience

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Average Marketing salaries in Seattle

Job Title Average Salary Salary Range
SEO Specialist $44,500
Min: $41K
Max: $48K
Marketing Associate $52,450
Min: $36K
Max: $70K
Marketing Coordinator $57,455
Min: $40K
Max: $73K
Event Planner $65,643
Min: $47K
Max: $105K
Community Manager $66,330
Min: $48K
Max: $105K
Public Relations Specialist $68,400
Min: $52K
Max: $77K
Social Media Manager $77,450
Min: $53K
Max: $96K
Content Marketing Manager $82,500
Min: $52K
Max: $113K
Public Relations Manager $86,800
Min: $72K
Max: $114K
Brand Manager $89,417
Min: $70K
Max: $117K
SEO Manager $89,955
Min: $75K
Max: $110K
Marketing Manager $93,779
Min: $53K
Max: $120K
Marketing Operations Manager $96,167
Min: $66K
Max: $140K
Digital Marketing Manager $96,533
Min: $71K
Max: $145K
Email Marketing Manager $96,625
Min: $85K
Max: $103K
Product Marketing Manager $116,516
Min: $87K
Max: $152K
Senior Marketing Manager $121,764
Min: $82K
Max: $165K
Senior Product Marketing Manager $134,521
Min: $88K
Max: $163K
Director of Marketing $155,105
Min: $110K
Max: $190K
Vice President of Marketing $172,583
Min: $100K
Max: $221K
CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) $232,625
Min: $155K
Max: $303K

Recent Content Marketing Manager salaries in Seattle

Yearly Salary
A Content Marketing Manager reported a yearly salary of $52,000
51-200 Employees
Yearly Salary
A Content Marketing Manager reported a yearly salary of $52,000
51-200 Employees
Yearly Salary
A Content Marketing Manager reported a yearly salary of $113,000
500+ Employees
Yearly Salary
A Content Marketing Manager reported a yearly salary of $113,000
500+ Employees
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