Avery Komlofske

Avery Komlofske is a Built In Staff Writer covering a wide variety of Brand Studio content. He earned an undergraduate degree in english education from Purdue University, as well as a masters in humanities from the University of Chicago.

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Eight hands in a circle over a table littered with books, notebooks and pencils.
Manager of Digital Transformation Koren Spas spoke to Built In Seattle about the values that anchor their company culture.
Coworkers playing a foosball table in an office.
“​​I genuinely have fun everyday — and I’m not just talking about the game room,” said Meg Murphree, DoubleDown Interactive’s manager of player experience and support.
A woman with a laptop in an image circle against a silhouette of Seattle's skyline as a backdrop. The Built In Logo is in the top left corner, and beneath it reads "Seattle Winter Tech Watch"
From fast-growing startups to established firms with hefty benefits, here’s a rundown of Seattle’s most noteworthy people-first organizations to watch in the season ahead.
Partner Delivery Consultant Kaitlin Fox with her back to the camera, standing on a cliff overlooking water.
Qualtrics’ amazing workplace benefits help their employees have a wide range of experiences outside of work.
A broom sweeping through lines of code, creating a clean blank line in its wake.
“Clean code helps make our lives as engineers easier,” said Wyze’s Tim Mai.
A set of blocks with images on them that represent benefits. A hand is placing a block with a plus sign on the top of the block pyramid.
Companies don’t need quirky benefits to draw in job candidates — they need benefits that improve employee lives.
ServiceNow team members throwing confetti in the air
At ServiceNow, an employee isn’t just encouraged to be themselves — their personal strengths help grow the company’s culture.
A man waves to his colleague on a video call from his office
If companies want a successful hybrid work model, they have to make sure their in-person and virtual employees get everything they need.
Variant Bio team member working in a lab
Variant Bio’s commitment to ethical research and data management ensures that its research partners and employees can hold onto their morals while contributing to medical progress.
View of the Seattle skyline
Employees of these five Seattle businesses love what they do — and they’re looking to build their teams.
Illustration of diverse young women holding puzzle pieces shaped as an arrow
From Ruth Bader-Ginsburg to Amelia Earhart, women from eight Seattle companies open up about the women who inspired them.
A crowd of people of a variety of genders and ethnicities.
Outreach is setting the bar for diversity, equity and inclusion. Here’s how they do it.