New kids on the block: Check out these 5 recently launched Seattle startups

by Quinten Dol
December 7, 2018

In a city replete with innovation, followers of the Seattle startup scene are bound to lose track of all the new companies popping up over time. To make things a little easier, we’ve gathered a handful of the most exciting startups we’ve spotted over the last six months. While each company uses very different technology, and the problems they seek to solve — from food supply chains to long distance friendships — are about as diverse as they come, each has some pretty exciting potential in its own way.


chanlogic seattle e-commerce startup
photo via chanlogic

Founders: Elaine Kwon and Jordan Taylor

Industry: E-commerce

Tell us more: Chanlogic’s platform provides a one-stop shop for the management of small e-commerce businesses on channels like eBay, Amazon and Walmart, with the ability to optimize ad campaigns and product listings and manage orders and inventory. The platform also features analytics and automation tools to help small business owners use data to make their decisions. Founded by a former Amazon product manager, the company recently graduated from the Female Founders Alliance’s first ever “Ready Set Raise” program.


asgard analytics founders seattle big data startup
photo via asgard analytics

Founders: Philipp Cannons and Tony Yoo

Industry: Analytics

Tell us more: Asgard Analytics segments visitors of a website into various groups, then analyzes the experiences and behaviors that characterize each demographic. Businesses can then figure out which groups make for better customers, or find groups that are having disproportionately bad experiences with a website or product — and tailor a user experience to recreate positive engagements with other types of customers.


togethar augmented reality startup
photo via togethar

Founders: Elena Zhizhimontova and Andrew DiLosa

Industry: Augmented reality

Tell us more: Through augmented reality technology, TogethAR seeks to teleport friends into the same room. Users assume avatars which, through a mobile device or headset, users can virtually control to move around the room and chat with one another. Based in Seattle, the company recently joined the Mongo DB Startup Accelerator.


transparent path seattle tech startup blockchain
photo via transparent path

Founders: Eric Weaver and Mark Kurtz

Industry: Supply chains

Tell us more: Transparent Path cites growing instances of contamination in everyday products in the food, pharma and beauty sectors — think arsenic in rice and salmonella in shampoo — as an impetus to improve supply chain tracking through a distributed ledger. The company seeks to integrate IoT and blockchain technologies into supply chains, and supplement on-the-ground certification procedures.


care listings healtech company seattle
photo via care listings

Founder: Carl Rogers

Industry: Healthtech

Tell us more: Care Listings’ online marketplace links people directly to healthcare providers in their area — bypassing the brokers and middlemen who have wedged themselves into such searches. The idea is to allow users to make contact with various providers without their personal information going into a broker’s database as a sales lead. The site currently lists over 100,000 care providers and is free for users.


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