Advise and Consent: 11 Consulting Firms in Seattle You Should Know

by Alyssa Schroer
August 16, 2019

Startups and tech companies may fuel headlines and discussions in Seattle's business community, but consulting firms shouldn't go unnoticed. Their work is often innovative and has played a crucial role in helping some of the very names in the news reach the limelight.  To celebrate their important, but often overlooked, role in the tech community, we've rounded up 11 consulting firms in Seattle to keep an eye on.


gravitational consulting firms seattle

Type: Software Development

Location: Seattle

What they do: Gravitational builds deployment and management products for developers working within multi-cloud environments. Their smart tools provide developers with compliance, security best practices and management of cloud-native applications anywhere.


keystone strategies consulting firms seattle

Type: Strategy and Economics

Location: Bellevue

What they do: Keystone Strategies guides companies through areas like business, economics and, of course, strategy. The firm provides services in analytics, product development and intellectual property. Keystone has worked with leading companies in a variety of industries ranging from Intel and GE to Coca-Cola and Yeti.


loft9 consulting firms seattle

Type: Management

Location: Bellevue

What they do: Loft9 is a Seattle and Denver-based consulting firm that helps guide companies through technological, organizational and operational transformations. Whether it’s data interpretation or project management, Loft9 works with companies throughout the entire business life cycle. 


logic20/20 consulting firms seattle

Type: Business and Technology

Location: Industrial District

What they do: Logic20/20 is a business consulting firm providing clients with services in the areas of leadership, advanced analytics, digital transformation and additional managed services. The firm aims to help clients across industries better engage their customers, create data-driven strategies and manage business operations efficiently.


redcloud consulting firms seattle
RedCloud Consulting

Type: Management

Location: Bellevue

What they do: RedCloud Consulting offers a variety of technology enablement, customer experience and business transformation services designed to help clients across their entire businesses. RedCloud provides clients help with short-term individual-based needs or team-wide strategic solutions. 


parker remick consulting firms seattle
Parker Remick

Type: Staffing & Recruiting

Location: Fremont

What they do: Parker Remick offers executive search services backed by a team of in-house researchers, project support specialists and consultants. The firm helps their clients build innovative leadership teams and has worked with companies like eBay, Twitter and Google.


revel consulting firms seattle
Revel Consulting

Type: Digital 

Location: Belltown

What they do: Revel Consulting works with companies looking to adapt and thrive in the digital age. With expertise in marketing, commerce and customer experience, Revel aims to help clients build brands, enhance customer-brand relationships and facilitate integrated, omni-channel transactions.


spot tech consulting firms seattle
Spot Tech

Type: IT

Location: Tacoma

What they do: Spot Tech offers technology support to small and midsize businesses throughout the Pacific Northwest. The firm has a menu of of IT services, specializing in areas like network monitoring, security, maintenance, cloud, backup and support. 


trianz consulting firms seattle

Type: Digital 

Location: Downtown

What they do: Trianz is a digital transformation firm that aims to help clients implement a variety of digital needs, from cloud and analytics services to infrastructure and security. Trianz works with clients spanning multiple industries and their portfolio includes leading names like UPS, Comcast, IBM and Capital One.


unify consulting firms seattle
Unify Consulting

Type: Management

Location: Kirkland

What they do: Unify Consulting describes themselves as a “strategic ally,” helping companies utilize data, enhance customer experiences and keep up with their current markets. Unify offers services that span business operations and  include sales, IT, human resources and finance. 


waldron consulting firms seattle

Type: Human Resources 

Location: Downtown

What they do: Waldron works with organizations and leaders in the social sector, specifically non-profits, foundations and social enterprises. The firm provides services like executive coaching, organizational transformation, executive candidate search, leadership team development and strategic career transition.


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