Tenacious Entertainment Raises $3.3M to Take Its Gaming Studio to the Next Level

October 7, 2019
tenacious entertainment raises $3.3 million
Tenacious Entertainment

Bellevue-based mobile gaming studio Tenacious Entertainment is set to launch its debut game in 2020 — and thanks to new funding, it’s getting ready to make that happen.

Tenacious Entertainment raised $3.3 million, according to VentureBeat. The investors were mostly friends and family, as well as contributors from outside the gaming industry.

The game studio was founded last year, and at just eight full-time employees, it’s still a small operation. Tenacious Entertainment’s team is made up of several ex-ArenaNet game developers, including the CEO Roy Cronacher, who was a game designer for AreaNet’s Guild Wars 2.

But the team is hoping to make a name for the Tenacious Entertainment brand with the launch of a flagship game next year. While the game is currently under development, it’s said to be “a competitive arena combat game with exciting moment-to-moment gameplay.”

The new funding will help Tenacious Entertainment continue its work on this game, as well as hire for a handful of open roles.

“We started Tenacious to shake up how things are done on mobile,” Cronacher told VentureBeat. “As lifelong gamers ourselves, we know that players deserve outstanding innovation and memorable experiences no matter what platform they’re on. That means taking concepts that are proven on PC and consoles to the next level, capturing what gives them mass market appeal with unique design made for satisfying bursts of enjoyment on phones and tablets.”

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