Empowering Farmers and Employees: This Seattle Agtech Startup Is Hiring Now

Get to know this Seattle-based startup helping farmers solve their toughest problems.

Written by Hilary George-Parkin
Published on May. 02, 2023
Empowering Farmers and Employees: This Seattle Agtech Startup Is Hiring Now
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Growth is at the center of every decision farmers make, from what crops to plant and when to harvest them to what fertilizer to use and how to keep weeds at bay.

Agriculture technology is helping farmers address these daily concerns, supporting the industry that keeps the world’s expanding population fed.

Companies in this space have to make similar considerations to give their employees the best chances for professional growth. Ongoing support and mentorship, resources to develop new skills and opportunities for advancement are the fertile ground from which the next generation of leaders can flourish.

Agtech is an exciting field for workers looking for new challenges: The industry is expected to grow to $43.4 billion globally by 2030, up from $19.9 billion in 2022. Investment activity last year was also the second highest on record despite the rocky economic environment, with startups closing $10.6 billion in deals, per Pitchbook.

Seattle-based startup Carbon Robotics is one of the companies at the forefront of farming’s evolution. Its laser-weeding robots will be rolling out across fields in 17 U.S. states and three Canadian provinces in 2023, and with a fresh infusion of funding, the business is primed for further expansion in years to come.

Built In Seattle caught up with Carbon Robotics software engineering manager Simon Cochrane to hear how the company cultivates a culture that sets employees up to thrive. 


Simon Cochrane
Software Engineering Manager • Carbon Robotics

Carbon Robotics develops innovative technologies to help farms operate more efficiently and sustainably.


Think back to first joining the team. What drew you to the company? How have your expectations been met since coming aboard?

When I first joined Carbon Robotics, I was eager to experience the company’s culture of passion and bias for action. Even from the outside, I could tell that Carbon Robotics was a team of innovators hungry to solve real problems that farmers face. The company’s commitment to empowering farmers intrigued and inspired me to join its efforts in creating tools that enable growers to manage farms efficiently, effectively and sustainably.

Since coming on board, I have witnessed firsthand the company’s unwavering dedication to supporting farmers and understanding their needs while giving employees the freedom to experiment with different areas of work that suit their interests. The company offers a breadth of exposure to several aspects of the business, including high-tech, manufacturing, sales and marketing. 

Overall, my experience at Carbon Robotics has been both fulfilling and challenging, and I feel privileged to be part of a team that is not only dedicated to creating cutting-edge technology but also passionate about making a positive impact on the world of agriculture.


What’s been your biggest success story since joining the team?

Learning to solve the real-world interaction problems that Carbon Robotics has exposed me to isn’t typical of traditional software companies. As a team, we have been able to use our collective experience and advanced technology to solve problems that had never been solved before. The solutions require intense innovation across mechanical, electrical, software and artificial intelligence teams.

As Carbon Robotics has grown, I have been able to take on leadership responsibilities and naturally progressed to the role of software engineering manager. I joined as a senior software engineer, and within three years, I was promoted to lead software engineer and then to engineering manager. The support and mentorship from our CEO, Paul Mikesell, and VP of engineering, Nick Kirsch, helped create an environment that made this possible. 

I look forward to building the future of Carbon Robotics while continuing to develop myself.


Your company is currently hiring for a handful of roles. How can new hires make an immediate impact at the company?

At Carbon Robotics, we are excited to welcome new hires who are passionate about our mission of revolutionizing the agriculture industry and building innovative tools that empower farmers to operate more efficiently. 

To make an immediate impact at our company, we are looking for individuals who are driven, creative and innovative. We encourage new hires to take initiative and not hesitate to execute their ideas. We value independence and empower employees to make decisions that help us develop technology that meets growers’ needs. 

The Carbon Robotics team constantly pursues improvements and updates that enhance performance and accessibility and expand use cases for existing and new customers. Overall, we are looking for team members who are passionate about our mission, enthusiastic about our work and committed to making a positive impact in the agriculture industry by supporting farmers in growing large-scale crops.


Responses have been edited for length and clarity. Images via listed companies and Shutterstock.

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