Java training in Seattle: 8 classes, courses and bootcamps dedicated to teaching the popular language

Written by Sam Daley
Published on Mar. 31, 2019
Java training in Seattle: 8 classes, courses and bootcamps dedicated to teaching the popular language

According to the 2018 Stack Overflow Developer’s Survey, a staggering 45.5% of professional developers use, and prefer, Java in their daily work- and it isn’t by accident. The high-level programming language is known for supporting cross-platform execution through its Java Virtual Machine (JVM) system. For those of us who aren’t so technically-inclined (yet), this means that it offers the ultimate flexibility in running languages on different hardware platforms and devices. In fact, Java’s flexibility is so popular, that 90% of the Fortune 500 now uses it to develop everything from desktop apps to website backend systems.

Java’s huge variety of tools, combined with its unparalleled interoperability, makes it a great language for everyone from beginners to coding experts. Whether you’re looking to start your journey towards mastering the language, or you want extra practice for when you apply to dozens of Seattle companies focusing on it in their architecture, we’ve got you covered. Below are eight Seattle-area, Java-specific training classes, courses and bootcamps that will set you up for success in one of tech’s most popular stacks.   


university of washington java training course seattle
THe University of Washington

Location: Downtown Seattle

Duration: Nine months

Cost: $3,426

Training Overview: The University of Washington’s Seattle campus offers a certificate in Java programming. The course is designed for IT professionals and covers the full range of Java fundamentals, from the basic syntax of the language to advanced concepts like multithreading and regular expressions. The night classes also include hands-on training in everything from application testing and deployment to the use of standard tools to develop Java programs.   


accelebrate java training course seattle

Location: Based in Atlanta, but with a classroom in downtown Seattle.

Duration: Two to five days

Cost: Class costs are based on private class size, training location and skill level.

Training Overview: Do you want to learn Java, but don’t think a big class is right for you? Accelebrate offers private classes for three or more students either in-person or online. The company has a wide-range of courses to choose from, including “Beginning Java Application Development," “Advanced Java Programming” and “Java Testing with JUnit 5." Each training session is tailored to reach the needs of a smaller group, although Accelebrate recommends taking their introductory Java courses first.   


seattle central college java training course seattle
Seattle Central College

Location: Capitol Hill

Duration: Six weeks

Cost: $115

Training Overview: Seattle Central College offers one of the more cost-effective classes for beginning and intermediate Java learners. In the introductory course, beginners will learn the very basics of the language, going on to write their own programs. In the intermediate course, programmers will deepen their understanding by writing more in-depth programs and organizing data using multiple classes.


zeolearn java training course seattle

Location: Downtown Seattle

Duration: Three weeks

Cost: $1,699

Training Overview: Zeolearn offers deep-dive Java courses online and in-person. The course is designed to help existing Java designers dive deeper into the language to further develop their skills. The course starts off with best practices and advanced object-oriented techniques, involves multithreading and new language features, and ends with participants receiving their advanced certification. In addition to online and classroom courses, Zeolearn also offers one-on-one training and even team and corporate classes.  


coding dojo java training course seattle
Coding Dojo

Location: Bellevue

Duration: 14 weeks

Cost: $12,995

Training Overview: Coding Dojo’s 14-week bootcamp offers participants a deep dive into Java. Students start by learning the very basics of front-end development and work their way up to spending multiple weeks on further developing their skills in the language. The program culminates in job interviews so you can land that dream Java developer gig.   


onlc java training course seattle

Location: Downtown Seattle

Duration: Two to four days

Cost: $1,050-$2,100

Training Overview: ONLC holds numerous Java-related classes for students with beginning, intermediate and expert-level knowledge of the subject. The courses range from “Java Programming- Basics for Non-Programmers” to “Java Programming- Enterprise Edition.” The instructor-led training seminars can be taken in-person or live online. ONLC offers each skill level course about once a month.  


epicodus java training course seattle

Location: Downtown Seattle

Duration: Five weeks

Cost: $8,500

Training Overview: The Epicodus Java Programming Course takes students through the absolute basics of the language and ends with them pitching a Java-based product. This intensive program features topics like installing Java, importing code, looping and branching, SQL basics and API development. At the end of the 5th week, students get together, present their Java-based app and review each other’s code.


educative java training course seattle

Location: Downtown Seattle

Duration: Self-paced

Cost: $19-$49

Training Overview: Seattle-based Educative is an online learning platform filled with Java-oriented training courses. The platform offers an introductory course in Java, as well as a complete crash course in the language. For more advanced learners, Educative has a whole course dedicated to unit testing with JUnit 5. Want to practice your skills for an upcoming interview? Educative has seven courses dedicated to acing a Java-dedicated interview.  


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