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Blockchain • Gaming • NFT
Seattle, Washington, USA
40 Employees

The SHRAPNEL team at NEON is comprised of industry experts from AAA games and blockchain projects. The studio is headquartered at our waterfront offices in mossy Seattle, WA. We’re a unique team of designers, producers, artists, and programmers working at the nexus of games, television, movies, and graphic novels. Collectively, we’ve produced some of the biggest franchises in entertainment.

Seattle, Washington, USA
111 Employees

Pallet™ is the national leader in rapid-response shelter villages. The Everett, Washington-based company is addressing the homeless crisis with speed, at scale. Pallet shelter villages provide the dignity and security of private units within a community. A resource net of on-site social services, as well as food, showers, laundry, and more helps people transition to permanent housing. The majority of employees who build these shelters have experienced homelessness, addiction, or incarceration.

Artificial Intelligence • Big Data • Software • Big Data Analytics
100 Employees

Hopp.tech: Where innovation is an everyday occurrence. Lars and Sune, our visionary co-founders, lead a dynamic team passionate about conquering the intricate world of data migration. Join us as we redefine the benchmarks of technological achievement


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