This Pet Insurance Company Is Hiring. Hear What One Team Member Loves About It.

“There is nothing better than spending your day helping members take care of their dog or cat when they are in need.” Why that goal resonates with one Trupanion team member.
Written by Stephen Ostrowski
February 8, 2023Updated: February 8, 2023

With hundreds of cats and dogs in the office regularly — plus support for dog walking and space to play — Seattle-based Trupanion certainly caters to pets.

And for the case of McKinna Krieghoff, member experience manager, the pet insurance company also caters to professional development. 

“I have been with Trupanion for more than five years now,” Krieghoff said. “I never thought I would spend half a decade in insurance and love what I do.”


What Trupanion Does

People want the best for their pets — and Trupanion aims to give them the insurance coverage needed for their cats and dogs. “Our mission is to help loving, responsible pet owners budget and care for their pets,” Kalpesh Raval, VP, Partner Software, previously told Built In Seattle.


The company, which was founded more than 20 years ago, has seen Krieghoff rise through various roles in customer service. It’s a trend that she doesn’t anticipate abating. 

“My growth at Trupanion has been exponential and I do not see that changing anytime soon!” she said. 

With the Seattle-headquartered company currently hiring, Built In Seattle caught up with Krieghoff to learn about the culture and career development opportunities at Trupanion. 


McKinna Krieghoff
Member Experience Manager


Think back to your early days on the job. What surprised you or stood out to you most about your company's culture? 

When I first started at Trupanion, our culture is what surprised me the most. Everyone here is real, genuine and honest, and we all share a passion for loving and caring for pets. I was not expecting to make lifelong friendships so fast. 

What we do is help our members take care of their pets, and how we do it is truly impressive. There is nothing better than spending your day helping members take care of their dog or cat when they are in need. 

There is nothing better than spending your day helping members take care of their dog or cat when they are in need.”


Being able to problem-solve with my peers to make the Trupanion experience better so our members can care for pets easier — it always feels good at the end of the day. I still get excited to work on new projects and help my team and peers succeed.

What professional growth or development have you seen in your time at Trupanion?

I started off in our customer service role, assisting our members when they called in. During this time, my manager helped me grow and develop my communication and leadership skills. I was promoted to assistant team manager, where I helped out my team with tricky questions or with back-end updates for our members. It was during my time as an assistant team manager that I was supported in developing skills to help coach, train and support our teams. 

I was then promoted to a member experience manager role, where I have been leading my team, supporting their growth, driving results and celebrating each win. Developing our talent and helping others shine is the most rewarding part of my current role as a member experience manager. I love supporting my team, my assistant team managers and my peers in supporting our members. I love being able to initiate changes to improve our processes, collaborate on projects and celebrate when we are succeeding.



Jobs at Trupanion

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