How This Health Insurance Company Uses Career Development to Create Star Employees

From the first day on the job, Healthcare Management Administrators employees are set up for success — and professional development.

Written by Conlan Carter
Published on May. 10, 2024
How This Health Insurance Company Uses Career Development to Create Star Employees
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When considering iconic American actors like Marlon Brando, Vivien Leigh and James Dean, it is important to remember the director Elia Kazan — whose coaching helped these actors nail their most transcendent performances.

The relationship between actors and directors is a necessary cycle of feedback. Directors draw the best performances from their actors, and actors evokethe best version of the script. Despite having different parts to play on set, by working in constant conversation, they help each other shine.

Feedback is no less important in the tech world. 80 percent of employees who receive meaningful feedback on a weekly basis identify as fully engaged, and businesses with effective feedback culture have teams that move quicker, work harder and stay at the company longer, according to data from Gallup.

Companies like Healthcare Management Administrators provide a mix of learning opportunities, coaching and compensation incentives to help employees perform better and grow their careers. Built In Seattle checked in to learn more about employee development and feedback culture on the HMA team. 

Katie Crislip

Healthcare Management Administrators partners with employers in the Pacific Northwest to create cost-effective, customized healthcare plans. 


What skills-building support does Healthcare Management Administrators provide for early career team members? Are there mentorship or training opportunities for greener employees?

HMA is a learning organization. We care a lot about our people and their development. Our new hires participate in a robust new hire orientation and are assigned a “New Hire Coach” to help answer their questions and guide them through the first few months in their new role.


HMA is a learning organization. We care a lot about our people and their development.”


Our people leaders — and those aspiring to be — are welcomed into an eight-week-long leadership development program with content designed by Harvard University. All staff have access to Go1 — a global leader in online content on topics ranging from strategy, leadership, project management, communication skills and technology like Excel, PowerBI and so much more.


How do you stay competitive with your salary and benefit offerings? Are there any new perks or benefits you're offering as a result of employee feedback?

We evaluate our compensation by analyzing geography- and industry-specific data at least twice a year for all positions. We have a pay-for-performance culture, and staff are recognized directly for their hard work with incentive pay.

We listen to feedback. We recently added Juneteenth, an additional personal holiday and an additional day after July 4 because of feedback we received from our staff. We are proud of our health benefits program. Fun fact: the same medical benefits product we sell on the market is what we offer internally for our staff.


Are there any DEI, sustainability or equitable practices that HMA is proud of?

Our active Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Awareness, or IDEA, committee convenes monthly to advocate for diverse groups, including those based on race and ethnicity, gender and gender identity, disability, age, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status and veteran status. We recently hosted a powerful session celebrating our veterans and their service to our country. Additionally, we conduct unconscious bias training sessions for all staff. As a primarily remote workforce, we actively strive to reduce our carbon footprint and support our local community, enhancing work-life balance and employee satisfaction.



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