Qualtrics Appoints First President of AI Strategy

Gurdeep Singh Pall will spearhead AI innovation initiatives for Qualtrics’ experience management solutions.

Published on Apr. 22, 2024
Qualtrics Appoints First President of AI Strategy
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Qualtrics, an experience management company, recently appointed Gurdeep Singh Pall as its first-ever president of AI strategy. Pall, who brings over three decades of experience at Microsoft, will guide Qualtrics’ AI initiatives as the company develops generative, causal and predictive AI innovations powered by a database of human sentiment. 

Qualtrics’ AI platform integrates billions of data points across the customer and employee journey to drive personalized experiences at scale. Its technology leverages data including chat logs, social media feeds, feedback surveys and call center recordings to help companies identify risks, resolve customer issues and understand employee needs.

Previously at Microsoft, Pall helped develop products such as Windows, Teams, Skype and Bing. Most recently, he created solutions using emergent AI technologies. In his new role, Pall will work alongside the technology and product teams to drive a new vision and roadmap for Qualtrics use of AI in experience management.

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