Now Hiring: 2 Seattle Companies Looking for Top Talent

On the hunt for something new? These Seattle organizations could have the answer.

Written by Taylor Karg
Published on Apr. 29, 2021
Now Hiring: 2 Seattle Companies Looking for Top Talent
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While Seattle is largely known for its marine life, luscious greenery and decadent coffee, there’s another thing putting the Pacific Northwestern region on the map: technology. 

The city is blossoming into one of the nation’s top tech hubs. It’s now home to over 2,200 tech companies, 10 of which are valued at $1 billion or more. Additionally, tech companies saw $4.5 billion in venture capital funding in 2020, according to the Seattle Business Journal. 

Seattle’s tech scene is booming with opportunities for jobseekers looking to join the excitement. Below, we’re highlighting a fintech company and machine learning org with various, expansive open roles. 

“The fact that I feel like I can show up each day and learn something new, even after a decade, has kept me very engaged,” PitchBook’s VP of EMEA and Customer Success Brett Kaluza said.


Brett Kaluza
VP of EMEA and Customer Success • PitchBook

Brett Kaluza is the vice president of Europe, the Middle East and Africa, and customer success at PitchBook, a fintech company that provides comprehensive data analysis on the capital markets to help professionals find opportunities. 


Opportunities for growth: “To start, the people make all the difference,” Kaluza said. “I can honestly say that I’ve enjoyed working with my colleagues every day over the last 10 years. When you work with great people it makes the bad days a bit easier and the good days great. The second reason is the growth opportunity, both on a personal level and for the company. As PitchBook continues to rapidly expand globally, it creates unique opportunities for all employees to develop their career, skills and responsibilities. Growth potential is one of the primary factors candidates list when looking for their next career opportunity. PitchBook has and will continue to provide amazing opportunities.” 

“And finally, we serve an interesting and rapidly changing market. We’re uniquely positioned to provide comprehensive and differentiated global datasets including data on public and private companies, investors and funds, as well as venture capital, private equity and merger and acquisition investments. The fact that I feel like I can show up each day and learn something new, even after a decade, has kept me very engaged.” 


Meeting clients where they are: “This is an exciting time for PitchBook. We are in the midst of rapid growth and continue to innovate in everything that we do. Over the next few years, the customer success team will hire account managers, customer success managers and other roles that help us better serve our clients. As our client base continues to grow and become more diverse, we have to find new and innovative ways to meet them where they are and provide the information they need to win. This includes team structure, technology, client segmentation and much more. We have a lot of work to do over the coming years, but we have the team, plans and experience to achieve it!”


Matthew Dunn
Director of Applied Machine Learning • LivePerson

Matthew Dunn is the director of applied machine learning at LivePerson, a software company that uses artificial intelligence and natural language processing to create an automated conversation platform for businesses. 


Global-scale issues: “The applied machine learning research problems we work on are incredibly challenging,” Dunn said. “We work at a global scale building conversational AI solutions using machine learning techniques to better understand natural language to provide a better service to consumers. It’s both challenging and interesting to be able to work on these problems day to day.”


Innovation obsessed: “I’m excited about the research our team is doing on natural language processing, specifically around evaluating conversational AI systems to better understand how they align with consumer expectations. We think this will be a critical aspect that allows us to make progress on more challenging conversation problems using machine learning.”

Responses have been edited for length and clarity.

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