6 Seattle Robotics Companies Proving the Future Is Now

Written by Alyssa Schroer
Published on Jun. 18, 2024
6 Seattle Robotics Companies Proving the Future Is Now

Robots run amok is one of pop culture’s favorite tropes. Whether it’s movies, TV shows or dystopian novels, an out-of-control robot wreaking havoc is a familiar tale. The real robotics revolution, however, is a far cry from any doomsday scenario.  From customer service to agriculture, innovative companies are using robotics for the jobs that may be too dangerous, tedious or downright impossible for humans to do. We’ve rounded up six Seattle robotics companies doing just that.

Top Robotics Companies in Seattle

  • DroneSeed
  • Emergent Machines
  • Robodub
  • Sewbo
  • Olis Robotics
  • WiBotic


droneseed robotics companies seattle

Founded: 2016

Location: University District

What they do: DroneSeed uses drone technology to plant, protect and monitor vegetation in areas damaged by fires. The company’s drones identify target sites for tree planting, giving the trees a better opportunity to thrive. Additionally, DroneSeed’s products can fly low with very accurate positioning capabilities, allowing them to spray against invasive species while reducing the use of herbicides.


occo robotics companies seattle
emergent machines

Location: University District

What they do: Emergent Machines is a Seattle- and Kirkland-based company behind the photography robot OCCO. OCCO can intelligently detect, frame and take photos of people at events like trade shows or corporate gatherings. OCCO also provides cloud media storage, curation and analytics, so event photos are stored, organized and analyzed all through OCCO.


robodub robotics companies seattle

Founded: 2014

Location: University District

What they do: Robodub is developing technology that will allow drones to change shape mid-flight to increase agility, safety and load balancing. Robodub’s technology uses sliding rotors that move to counteract changes in a drone's center of gravity and sweeping arms that move to compensate for a failed motor.


sewbo robotics companies seattle

Founded: 2014

Location: Capitol Hill 

What they do: Sewbo is using industrial robots to automate production in the garment industry. The company's goal is to make high quality clothes for less while trimming global network supply chains. With the use of a stiffening agent, Sewbo's robots can handle limp and flexible fabrics, even sewing together a T-shirt. 


olis robotics companies seattle
olis robotics

Founded: 2013

Location: Fremont

What they do: Olis Robotics creates software that extends a robot’s precision, efficiency and dexterity capabilities in the field. The operating system acts as a semi-autonomous brain, providing better remote pilot operations. Some of the software’s other capabilities include adaptive machine learning and digital twins.


wibotic robotics companies seattle

Founded: 2014

Location: University District

What they do: WiBotic develops power optimization and wireless charging abilities for the robotics industry. Providing solutions to mobile, marine and aerial robots, WiBotic’s technology allows robots to charge without leaving work or operating areas. The company’s solutions increase productivity while enhancing the quality of battery life, ensuring bots get the most of each charge.


All images via Shutterstock, social media and screenshots of company web pages.

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