These 5 Seattle Tech Companies Raised a Combined $75M+ in March

Learn how the companies that secured last month’s largest venture funding sums are investing their fresh capital.

Written by Ashley Bowden
Published on Apr. 01, 2024
These 5 Seattle Tech Companies Raised a Combined $75M+ in March
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From harvesing resources on the moon’s surface to making health diagnoses from smartwatches, Seattle tech innovators are investing in bold plans with their latest funding injections. Learn what these tech companies are doing with March’s largest venture capital sums.

Largest Seattle Tech Funding Rounds, March 2024

  1. Pandion
  2. Interlune
  3. SingleFile
  4. PreemptiveAI
  5. Enzzo


    #5. $3 million, March 5

    Operating in the hardware product development space, Enzzo works to streamline the product definition and requirements processes. The company pulled in a round of seed funding led by Unlock Venture Partners to expand its team and fuel platform enhancements.


    #4. $6.4 million, March 6

    PreemptiveAI developed an AI model to innovate the healthcare space. Its solution uses biomedical signals from smart devices to map human physiology, enabling it to provide real-time diagnoses and predictions. The company recently emerged from stealth and has $6.4 million in funding to build its solution.


    #3. $6.5 million, March 19

    Legaltech company SingleFile allows companies to file compliance reports with government agencies. The company helps law firms, venture capitalists, private equity investors and real estate agents keep their business customers aligned with Corporate Transparency Act standards. SingleFile recently raised a round of funding led by Foundry Group.


    #2. $18 million, March 6

    Interlune is on a mission to commercialize resources from space such as Helium-3, industrial metals, rare Earth elements and water to establish an in-space economy. The company raised $18 million in seed funding to build out its materials harvesting technology.


    #1. $41.5 million, March 21

    Revolution Growth led a round of Series B funding for Pandion, a parcel company focusing on residential e-commerce delivery. Pandion plans to invest its fresh capital in expanding its delivery network by building new technology offerings, growing its geographic reach and increasing its delivery speed.

    Methodology: Built In tracked the largest funding rounds of the month using previous reporting, data from Crunchbase and articles from other publications and companies. This list highlights the five largest funding rounds raised in March by tech companies with a headquarters in Seattle. We only include venture capital and equity raises and do not include debt or post-IPO funding rounds in this list.

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