10 Seattle SQL server training courses that will make you a data rockstar

Written by Sam Daley
Published on Mar. 31, 2019
10 Seattle SQL server training courses that will make you a data rockstar

If you want to work with data, learning Structured Query Language (SQL) is a must. As the most popular database language in the world among developers, data scientists and database administrators, SQL is used to efficiently share and manage massive pools of information.

Seattle is home to some of the most robust, SQL-friendly classes, bootcamps and courses around. These classes are poised to train the next batch of database language developers by covering everything from the basics to more advanced skills, like data modeling and hierarchical queries. Whether you’re just getting your feet wet, need a refresh or want to take your skills to the next level, these SQL training courses are sure to help you prepare for SQL-based jobs at cool companies all over the Seattle area.

Top SQL Courses in Seattle

  • General Assembly
  • New Horizons
  • TLG Learning
  • Accelebrate
  • ONLC
  • Microsoft
  • Seattle Central College


general assembly sql training course seattle
General Assembly

Location: Downtown (1218 Third Avenue)

Duration: One day (six hours)

Cost: $250

Training Overview: General Assembly offers both remote and in-person one-day SQL bootcamps that teach basic and intermediate skills. The seminar, which takes absolute beginners, walks students through everything from basic SELECT-FROM-WHERE statements and LIMIT clauses to writing original queries.


university of washington sql training course seattle
University of Washington

Location: Downtown (1325 4th Avenue)

Duration: Nine Months

Cost: $3,285

Training Overview: The University of Washington’s School of Professional & Continuing Education offers a certificate in SQL server development that teaches students how to build, deploy and manage relational databases. The three-course certificate program focuses primarily on the Microsoft SQL Server, covering the fundamentals of database planning, design, deployment and management. Students will learn everything from modeling to Transact-SQL.


new horizons sql training course seattle
New Horizons

Location: Downtown (800 Fifth Avenue)

Duration: Five days

Cost: $1,785 to $2,975 (depending on the course)

Training Overview: New Horizons offers hands-on SQL training courses for a variety of topics and skill levels. Popular courses include “Introduction to SQL Databases” and “SQL Server on Linux.” New Horizons also offers more challenging classes that deal with data modeling and database administration.


tlg learning sql training course seattle
TLG Learning

Location: Bellevue (12822 SE 32nd Street)

Duration: Two to five days (depending on the course)

Cost: $1,395 to $3,995

Training Overview: TLG Learning hosts numerous training sessions for Microsoft SQL Server. Students can take classes ranging from “Introduction to SQL Databases” all the way to “Advanced T-SQL Querying, Programming and Tuning for SQL Server 2016” both in-person or live online.     


accelebrate sql training course seattle

Location: Downtown Seattle

Duration: Two to five days (depending on the course)

Cost: Class costs are based on private class size, training location and skill level

Training Overview: Want a private SQL teaching session for you and your friends or coworkers? Accelebrate offers private classes for three or more students either in their downtown Seattle classroom or online. The company offers about 20 SQL Server 2017 training classes ranging from introductory courses to administering SQL data models. 


onlc sql training course seattle

Location: Downtown (1700 Seventh Avenue)

Duration: Two to five days (depending on the course)

Cost: $995 to $2,995

Training Overview: ONLC’s Seattle training center offers over 40 SQL-related courses that cover just about every topic and tool the language has to offer. Course lessons range from developing SQL data models to SQL servers for Linux and managing database infrastructure.         


microsoft sql training course seattle

Location: Online only through Microsoft, but taught in-person by most SQL course administrators mentioned in this article

Duration: Self-paced for on-demand training

Cost: Varies depending on course

Training Overview: Seattle’s own Microsoft offers virtual courses and certifications on the different aspects of its SQL Server. Whether you’re looking to learn the basics of how to operate within the server or you’re more advanced and want to learn about business intelligence on the tech giant has a class for you.     


seattle central college sql training course seattle
Seattle Central College

Location: Capitol Hill (1701 Broadway)

Duration: Six weeks

Cost: $115 to $199

Training Overview: Seattle Central College offers faculty-led introductory and intermediate courses for SQL students. The intro course teaches the very basics of relational databases and how to write simple SQL statements, while the intermediate course covers more difficult subjects like advanced data insertion techniques and string functions.


hands on technical training sql training courses seattle
Hands on Technical Training

Location: Downtown

Duration: Three days

Cost: $1,795

Training Overview: The Hands on Technical Training (HOTT) SQL programming course can either be taken face-to-face, live remote or even on site at a business. Students will learn how to design normalized table structures, create databases, write queries and use triggers and stored procedures. The company also offers about 15 other SQL-related courses for more advanced learners.        


bellevue college sql training course seattle
Bellevue College of Continuing Education

Location: Bellevue (3000 Landerholm Circle SE)

Duration: 12 months

Cost: $5,479

Training Overview: Bellevue College’s College of Continuing Education has a database administrator certificate program that’s designed as a holistic SQL overview. During the intensive 190 hours of instruction, students will learn everything from database design to T-SQL and SQL Server 2012 Administration.       


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