StepSecurity Raises $3M Seed Round, Plans to Grow Team

The company offers CI/CD protection for open-source projects and enterprise customers.

Published on May. 01, 2024
StepSecurity Raises $3M Seed Round, Plans to Grow Team
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StepSecurity, a company specializing in protecting CI/CD pipelines and infrastructure, has secured $3 million in seed funding led by Runtime Ventures. The company serves customers in both the open-source community and enterprise sectors.

While enterprises tend to have well-supported application and cloud security solutions, continuous integration and continuous delivery or deployment, the link between these two environments, often remains unprotected. Over 3,000 open-source projects, including those from companies like Google and Microsoft, use StepSecurity to secure their CI/CD pipelines. Companies in sectors like high-tech, crypto and healthcare use StepSecurity’s enterprise tier. 

StepSecurity plans to invest its funding in its open-source community and the expansion of its enterprise offerings. In addition to GitHub Actions, the company aims to support other CI/CD environments, such as GitLab CI, Harness and Azure DevOps. StepSecurity is actively hiring across engineering, sales and marketing to support its growth and expansion efforts.

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