What Makes Center ‘A Breath of Fresh Air’ For Those Eager to Grow

Customer Support Manager Joe Gallogly shares how he has evolved at the spend management company, his excitement to grow more in the future and what makes the organization unique.

Written by Olivia McClure
Published on Apr. 25, 2024
What Makes Center ‘A Breath of Fresh Air’ For Those Eager to Grow
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For some people, business-rich metropolitan areas like San Francisco, New York or Chicago are the purveyor of their professional dreams. 

For Joe Gallogly, it was Iceland. 

After spending some time in the corporate world working as a merchandise specialist at a grocery wholesale company, Gallogly felt he needed more room to grow. He decided to earn a Master of Science in marketing at Reykjavik University. While earning his degree, he worked as a researcher at the university’s Centre for Research in Marketing and Consumer Psychology, where he had the chance to dive into consumer behavior and contribute to research for peer-reviewed journals.

“This experience sparked my interest in improving customer interactions,” Gallogly recalled.

Now a customer support manager at Center, Gallogly has been able to further this focus on customer interactions that he fostered as a student while taking his professional ambitions to new heights. Besides having the chance to build his team from the ground up, he has benefited from other growth opportunities at the company, such as taking part in monthly “brunch and learns” and receiving support from his manager to pursue his career goals. 

For Gallogly, this emphasis on continuous development is a product of a culture that motivates employees to pitch in. With leaders encouraging employees to share their ideas, it’s easy for everyone to play a role in establishing new processes to tackle challenges. 

“Center values those who step up and proactively seek to improve our operations,” Gallogly said. 

He believes this commitment to helping team members evolve is rivaled only by the passion employees have to make an impact on the company’s customers. It’s this culture that compels him to describe Center as “a breath of fresh air,” marking a pivotal chapter in his career journey. 

“It’s so rewarding to be in a workplace where people genuinely love their jobs,” Gallogly said.

Below, Gallogly shares more about how Center has enabled him to thrive, the excitement he has for his future growth and what sets the company apart from others in its industry. 



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What opportunities do Center team members have to boost their professional growth, and how do managers encourage this evolution?

Joe Gallogly
Customer Support Manager • Center

At Center, a lot of us are really into professional growth, and one of the coolest ways to do that is by swapping resources with colleagues. We kicked off an internal book club to chat about works that have boosted our careers. Also, our team launched a monthly “brunch and learn,” where we dive into professional development topics, get deeper into product know-how or just hang out with employees from other teams over some delicious breakfast food. Finding people who are equally passionate about professional growth is easy to do here, and Center is all for everyone taking a bit of time to focus on personal development.

Managers at Center are fierce advocates for their team members’ development. Our leaders push us to challenge ourselves, our teams and the business. They really notice when we put in that extra work and help us guide it toward our career development. My manager has always had my back, and I know that if I’m focused on getting better, he’ll be right there with me.



Center has given Gallogly the chance to bolster many professional skills, including the ability to craft a solid business case. According to him, backing up ideas with strong data is the key to mastering this specific skill. “We often talk about ‘telling our story,’ and I’ve learned that the best way to do that is with clear data and examples,” Gallogly said. “Honing your ability to prove your point with data is a game-changer, and I’m super glad I’ve gotten better at that at Center — and I plan to keep on improving.” 


How does Center encourage its people to leave their own mark on the company?

My time at Center has been different from previous work experiences because we’re still a smaller team, actively establishing new processes to tackle the challenges we encounter. The cool part is: Our leaders are all for us jumping in with ideas and solutions. Have an interest in a part of the business or a thought on how to make something better? You’re encouraged to take the initiative and pitch your idea. 


Employees brainstorming ideas together using sticky notes on a whiteboard


What are you excited to accomplish next?

I’m excited to refine my leadership skills in my current role, aiming to both grow myself and push the support team to be the best it can be. It’s never dull around here; there’s always a new challenge waiting, which keeps things exciting. I can’t wait to tackle the obstacles that lie ahead alongside my amazing team.


“It’s never dull around here; there’s always a new challenge waiting, which keeps things exciting.”


What makes Center a unique place to work?

Working at Center is a breath of fresh air. Everyone here is invested in our customers’ success as well as that of Center as a whole. The enthusiasm from our leadership team is real and is something that I haven’t seen elsewhere. I trust in Center and the direction we’re going, and I feel lucky to be a part of it. I’ve also made some great friends and can honestly say that I’ve never worked with a better bunch of people.

Everyone here really believes in what we’re doing. We all want to see Center succeed and hit those big goals we know are possible. Everyone I’ve worked with is always moving forward, growing themselves by helping the business grow. 

When you work on making your team or department better, you’re also leveling up yourself. Center is great at recognizing and appreciating when someone really owns their role and focuses on their own development. Honestly, you couldn’t ask for much more from a workplace. 



Responses have been edited for length and clarity. Images provided by Center.

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