Alitheon Announces $14.9M Funding to Tell Identical Objects Apart With AI

January 8, 2020

Alitheon has built AI technology that can tell the difference between two seemingly identical objects. The company’s FeaturePrint software can identify tiny patterns and details in an object’s makeup, and use that as means of authentication. Once an object is authenticated, the technology will be able to spot if that object has been tampered with or differentiate it from a counterfeit copy.

On Wednesday, Alitheon announced that it raised $14.9 million in venture capital financing to expand the use of its FeaturePrint technology. The company sees FeaturePrint being used across a variety of industries, including defense, aerospace, aviation services, automotive, semiconductor, luxury goods, additive manufacturing, pharmaceutical and government sectors.

“Alitheon’s ability to identify an item using only the object itself — independent of markings, tags or other modifications — is groundbreaking,” Alitheon investor Marcus Behrendt, of BMW i Ventures, said in a statement. “FeaturePrint technology has the potential to bring a new level of trust to supply chains that does not currently exist.”

Alitheon has issued 34 patents for its technology, with even more pending. Alitheon’s founders have previous experience working with optical AI, having helped develop machine vision-based explosives detection systems, fraud detection systems, satellite image analysis software and more.

“A FeaturePrint registration or authentication can be performed in milliseconds at industrial production speeds without human involvement using off-the-shelf hardware integrated at any step throughout manufacturing and distribution,” Scot E. Land, Alitheon’s CEO and co-founder, said in a statement. “Our mission is straightforward: to create enduring trust among manufacturers, suppliers, distributors and customers.”

Alitheon previously raised $11.6 million in November. It’s not clear whether the $14.9 million includes this previous sum, or if it’s a separate amount. Alitheon didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment.

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