Now Hiring: Seattle Companies Gearing Up for Fall

These companies are spurring change in their industries.

Written by Remy Merritt
Published on Jul. 30, 2021
Now Hiring: Seattle Companies Gearing Up for Fall
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Ask anyone in the dating pool — having high turnover isn’t a great sign. For employers, it’s an indicator that can illuminate shortcomings in company culture or benefits, and if taken seriously can refresh the strategy around people operations and human resources.

Sometimes, however, high turnover is simply indicative of a broader shift in employment trends. The Achievers’ 2021 Engagement and Retention report suggests that a staggering 52% of employees planned to look for new jobs this year, of which 25% indicated better work-life balance as a primary reason for their departure. This appears to be a trend across all industries — after more than a year of remote work in a global health crisis, reflections on personal goals and values seem to have spurred many to make the changes they envisioned while the world was on pause. 

Sorting through job listings and selecting the right position that meets their personal and professional goals is a challenge that every job hunter will face. These three leaders shared what led them to accept their job offers, why they’ve stayed with their teams, and what the future holds for their organizations.



Agasthya Upadhya
Head of Product • Logixboard

Industry opportunity, customer receptivity and an enthusiastic team have kept Head of Product Agasthya Upadhya at Logixboard. Belief in the product and the market opportunity keep him engaged with new developments, and excited about where the company is headed.


As a tenured employee, what has been the biggest reason you've stayed at Logixboard so long?

Firstly: the opportunity is incredible. Global freight is the backbone of the world’s economy, and the tools and services that are being used by even the biggest players in the market pale in comparison to the modern software experiences that we take for granted today. There is a huge appetite to modernize and provide better visibility and workflow tools.

Secondly: our customers absolutely love what we do. Customers are using our product to sell and win crazy amounts of new business. At the same time, they are also using it to drive internal efficiencies and save time and operational costs. Regardless of what our customers are using our product for, the reception across the board has been both humbling and satisfying.

And thirdly: we’ve built an awesome team of people who are smart, curious and eager to help wherever they can. Most of the team didn’t come from backgrounds in global freight but have jumped in and learned, and trained new employees as they joined the company. The company also believes firmly in opportunity creation — if you want to give something a shot, all you need to do is ask. 


Looking to the future, what excites you most about where Logixboard is headed?

The most intriguing part of the trajectory of Logixboard is that as we grow as a company, larger opportunities continue to present themselves to us. It is exciting to be in a market where every “gate” we cross means that we’re unlocking several more massive opportunities. There will be no shortage of things to do and problems to solve. The problems are complex and require a lot of discovery and deep understanding of the market, but the rewards are worth the work.



Hans Benson
Senior Product Manager, Interoperability • Navigating Cancer

The interview process is notoriously vague; with multiple rounds, a variety of interviewers and the occasional ghosting, organizations often leave interviewees hanging in the balance. For Hans Benson, the exact opposite experience is what led him to join Navigating Cancer — understanding exactly where he fit within the team helped seal the deal.


What was the deciding factor for you when you accepted your job at Navigating Cancer, and why?

Interviewing with Navigating Cancer consisted of multiple rounds of team and one-on-one interviews. In each round, I gained a better understanding of how I stacked up against the requirements for the position, the nature of the teams I would be working with, and the company culture. Throughout the interview process, I consistently felt like I was a good fit for the position and the company — and that is the No. 1 indicator I use to gauge whether I can be successful. 


Looking to the future, what excites you most about where Navigating Cancer is headed?

A confluence of important events in our industry over the last few years is positioning us to offer exciting new features to our customers. Recent patient-rights regulations and broader adoption of robust health interoperability standards are reducing some of the barriers we’ve traditionally encountered, and this is unlocking some impactful resources we can potentially put in the hands of our customers and their patients.



Angela Milton
Director, Customer Success Operations • Pushpay

As a legacy employee at Pushpay, Angela Milton has seen the company grow by leaps and bounds. New opportunities to directly impact Pushpay’s future and its reach has kept her engaged and excited.


As a tenured employee, what has been the biggest reason you’ve stayed at Pushpay so long?

The main reasons have been opportunity, experience and impact. Having started early in Pushpay’s lifecycle, I’ve had the opportunity to grow with a company from its startup stage, throughout hypergrowth, to where we are now. I’ve been part of helping the company and our customers during different seasons (including new products, verticals, a business acquisition, etc.), and had the opportunity to do this alongside some of the most talented, smart and passionate people I’ve ever worked with. On top of all of that, we equip our customers to make a wider impact in their communities. Can’t get any better than that.


Looking to the future, what excites you most about where your Pushpay is headed?

I’ve had the opportunity to see Pushpay grow from 200 customers to more than 10,000. Throughout that journey, we’ve always focused on creating high-quality products for our customers so that they’re able to better reach their communities. We’re still on that journey, and are always looking for innovative ways to serve our customers well. I’m excited to see where we go next!

Responses have been edited for clarity and length.

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