9 Healthtech Companies Based in Seattle

Written by Alyssa Schroer
Published on Nov. 15, 2023
9 Healthtech Companies Based in Seattle

Health, we don’t get very far without it. This is why for centuries people have been dedicated to medical research, learning how we can improve our bodies, minds and lives. The following Seattle-based tech companies and startups are using technology to innovate the health field. Find out what they’re working on.

Healthcare Startups in Seattle You Should Know

  • Accolade
  • 98point6
  • RealSelf
  • Xealth
  • Navigating Cancer


For more than two decades, Trupanion has been providing medical insurance coverage options for cats and dogs. Through its tech solutions, Trupanion is able to pay vet bills directly so that its customers don’t have to worry about shouldering out-of-pocket costs and waiting on reimbursements.


98point6 is a mobile-based primary care service. An accessible alternative to walk-in clinics, the platform connects patients directly with physicians to simplify the diagnosis and treatment process. The platform enables patients to get answers quickly without appointments, copays or sitting in a waiting room.


Accolade is a software platform for employers to manage healthcare solutions for employees. The company’s platform combines a team of healthcare specialists with big data to help companies determine which healthcare options are available to suit each employer’s needs. Lowes, HP and Comcast are just a few of the global brands using Accolade to manage employee healthcare benefits.


RealSelf is an online community focused on cosmetic procedures. Individuals consulting RealSelf can ask questions, read informational materials and connect with a community of doctors providing cosmetic treatments. The community provides feedback on doctors and treatments that focus on everything from rhinoplasties to liposuction to Invisalign implementation.


Pillsy is a pill-tracking device and platform, ensuring no dose is ever forgotten. Featuring smart medication vials and vitamin bottles, the system sends notifications and alerts to a user’s phone while providing tracking and history for usage. Pillsy helps users stay on track with their medications and health regiments or provides peace of mind for those wanting to ensure their loved ones don’t miss important medications.


Navigating Cancer is an informational management platform engaging and connecting cancer patients to their care. The platform enables patients to be apart of their care from registration and appointment reminders to side-effect tracking and survivor care. The system also features patient education and a messaging platform ensuring patients are always in the know. Navigating Cancer has a network of over one million patients and thousands of care providers.


Xealth enables physicians and healthcare providers to order digital care content, devices, apps and services for patient use. Physicians can also monitor patient engagement and measure effectiveness of the content, services or devices. Xealth expands the care conversation beyond the doctor’s office, continuing patient education and providing more tools to manage their health.


Valant provides cloud-based solutions to behavioral health clinicians, agencies and practices. The platform provides access to actionable data, helping to improve workflows and clinical performance. Valant goes beyond electronic health record (EHR) capabilities and actually puts the data to use that often sits idle in EHRs.


Steth IO is a smart stethoscope that allows healthcare providers to not only hear but visualize heart and lung sounds. The application breaks down sounds to enhance frequencies and weakens ambient sounds for an overall better diagnosis. Steth IO enables physicians to pinpoint abnormalities they may have missed while listening, catching problems earlier and potentially saving lives.

This article was originally published in 2018. Rose Velazquez contributed reporting to this story.

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