13 Seattle tech companies hiring software engineers like crazy

Written by Alyssa Schroer
Published on Mar. 20, 2019
13 Seattle tech companies hiring software engineers like crazy

Seattle's status as a prominent tech scene means software engineers and developers are in high demand. Whether you're versed in .NET, Javascript, Python or a mixtures of languages, there are dozens of software engineering jobs in Seattle. The following companies are looking for fresh talent. 


unity technologies software engineering jobs seattle
Unity Technologies

Engineering/Developer Jobs Open: 5+

Industry: Gaming, Software

What they do: Unity Technologies makes a real-time 3D development platform used in a variety of industries, including gaming, automotive, film and architecture. A number of games, animations and VR experiences have been created with Unity’s technology by such famous names as Disney, Pixar and Owlchemy Labs.

Cool Perks: Child care benefits, flexible work schedule and multiple professional development opportunities.


offerup softare engineering jobs seattle

Engineering/Developer Jobs Open: 15+

Industry: E-commerce + Mobile

What they do: OfferUp provides a mobile marketplace for buying and selling items locally. The destination provides a safe and simple place to buy or sell virtually any item ranging from appliances and electronics to furniture and automobiles. 

Cool Perks: Unlimited vacation, commuter benefits and company outings.


karat software engineering jobs seattle

Engineering/Developer Jobs Open: 2

Industry: Professional Services, Software 

What they do: Karat helps organizations conduct technical interviews during the hiring process. The company provides its clients with software engineers who lead technical first-round interviews, helping managers find the right talent without spending too much time in the vetting process.

Cool Perks: Unlimited vacation policy, commuter benefits and parental leave.


skilljar software engineering jobs seattle

Engineering/Developer Jobs Open: 2

Industry: Software

What they do: Skilljar's training platform helps companies with onboarding, lead generation and retention. By properly training customers on how to successfully use new software, Skilljar helps businesses build better relationships with their clients.

Cool Perks: Flexible work schedule, unlimited vacation and company outings.


outreach software engineering jobs seattle

Engineering/Developer Jobs Open: 15+

Industry: Sales, Software

What they do: Outreach is a sales engagement platform helping companies enhance every touchpoint during customer lifecycles. Whether it's email, social or voice, Outreach helps sales and customer success teams foster better relationships with their customers.

Cool Perks: Generous parental leave, unlimited vacation and paid volunteer time.


servicenow software engineering jobs seattle

Engineering/Developer Jobs Open: 15+

Industry: Cloud, Software

What they do: ServiceNow is a Kirkland-based software company providing digital workflow solutions. Their services help businesses build apps that automate and manage IT, customer and employee needs.

Cool Perks: Comprehensive health benefits, tuition reimbursement program and company outings.


accolade software engineering jobs seattle

Engineering/Development Jobs Open: 3+

Industry: Healthtech + Mobile

What they do: Accolade is a personalized health and benefits solution committed to improving the experience, outcomes and cost of healthcare for employers, health plans and their members. Using a blend of compassionate advisors, clinical experts and intelligent technologies, the company connects the widest array of personal health data and programs to present a single point of entry to the most effective health and benefits resources.

Cool Perks: 401(K) matching, performance bonus, remote work program, generous parental leave, paid volunteer time and commuter benefits.


Zipwhip software engineering jobs Seattle

Engineering/Developer Jobs Open: 5+

Industry: Communication

What they do: Zipwhip is a SaaS company providing text messaging services to businesses in all industries through API and cloud-based products. THe company’s technology allows businesses to contact and market to customers through existing landlines, VoIP and toll-free numbers, allowing all communications to be customized for the utmost professionalism.

Cool perks: Documented equal pay policy, generous PTO, generous parental leave, paid volunteer time and pet friendly.



Engineering/Developer Jobs Open: 5+

Industry: Security, Software

What they do: Auth0 provides authentication and authorization solutions for legacy, mobile and web applications. The platform is used by over 5,000 enterprise customers and protects more than 80 million logins every day.

Cool Perks: Remote work program, flexible work schedule and an onsite gym.


postmates software engineering jobs seattle

Engineering/Development Jobs Open: 4+

Industry: E-commerce + Logistics

What they do: Postmates is a leading force in the delivery service industry. Emerging in 2011 and continuing to expand into a wide-range of locations, Postmates prides itself on being able to deliver users any product from any store or restaurant via mobile application.

Cool perks: Flexible work schedule, remote work program, casual dress and tuition reimbursement.


quantcast software engineering jobs seattle

Engineering/Development Jobs Open: 4+

Industry: Adtech + Artificial Intelligence

What they do: Quantcast’s proprietary platform helps businesses of all sizes grow by providing highly-capable, user-friendly data analysis and processing in real time. Using Quantcast, teams can get a more in-depth understanding of their audience, allowing easier targeting, better identification and larger growth.

Cool perks: Flexible work schedule, generous PTO, game room, pet friendly, casual dress, beer on tap.


transparent systems software engineering jobs seattle
Transparent Systems

Engineering/Development Jobs Open: 2+

Industry: Blockchain + Fintech

What they do: Transparent System knows that slow payments create cash-flow problems, especially for the small-to-mid size businesses that make up 99% of the US economy. It’s answer comes in the form of real-time settlement solutions including an integrative platform, secure APIs and distributed cryptographic systems, transforming payments for businesses worldwide.

Cool perks: Flexible work schedule, generous PTO, casual dress, pet friendly and commuter benefits.


subsplash software engineer jobs seattle

Engineering/Developer Jobs Open: 2

Industry: Software

What they do: Subsplash is an engagement platform built for churches to enhance communication with their communities. Subsplash provides churches with tools to build engaging websites, giving platforms, mobile apps and other media with simple management systems. 

Cool Perks: Work from home Thursdays, stocked kitchen and commuter benefits— in addition to parking.


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