Take Note: 9 Seattle Companies to Watch in Spring

Built In Seattle spotlighted nine local companies, the cultures that unify employees and the perks and benefits that support team members.

Written by Lucas Dean
Published on Mar. 28, 2023
Take Note: 9 Seattle Companies to Watch in Spring
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Seattle Companies to Watch Spring 2023


Spring has sprung in Seattle. Whether you’re enjoying a stroll around Lake Union, taking in the blooming flowers in one of the Emerald City’s gardens or enjoying music at the Northwest Folklife Festival, this season is also a great time to keep up with the ins and outs of local tech companies and their innovative teams. 

In February, Seattle tech companies took in over $119 million in funding, empowering them to continue innovating, creating and growing. This year is off to a lively start, and in the coming months, nine local companies and their teams are working to achieve ambitious goals. 

These companies are driven by creative teams and innovative missions, and bolstered by people-first cultures and a variety of perks and benefits. Read what makes these companies worthy of a moment in the spotlight. 



What Remitly does: Remitly is a digital financial services provider for immigrants and their families in over 170 countries around the world. The company's products help immigrants send money home in a safe, reliable and transparent manner and eliminate the long wait times, complexities and fees typical of traditional remittance processes. 


Launching careers: Remitly’s internship program allows rising talent to build their skill sets and tackle impactful projects. “I had the opportunity to work on several great projects, such as UX improvements for our Passbook app,” said Product Manager Buyaki Nyatichi in an interview with Built In Seattle. 


Personalized work setting: In a 2022 interview, ​​VP of HR Thaiz Chanman detailed Remitly’s approach to hybrid work: “Office-based employees can choose to work from the office one to five days a week. A fully distributed employee works nearly exclusively from a home office or virtual location, with supported travel for in-person moments that matter two to four times per year.”




What Anduril Industries does: Anduril is a defense technology company that leverages AI, autonomy and sensor fusion to solve national security challenges.


Innovative work: Fast Company recently ranked Anduril No. 3 in its list of most innovative robotics companies due to its position as an alternative to legacy government contractors and its drone threat detection software Lattice.  


New funding: Last year, Anduril secured $1.48 billion in Series E funding, bringing its value to $8.48 billion. “Anduril has made incredible progress delivering on its mission to transform U.S. and allied national security capabilities with advanced technology,” said Valor Equity Partners’ Founder and CEO Antonio Gracias in a statement. 



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What ExtraHop does: ExtraHop is a cybersecurity company that provides hybrid and cloud businesses with real-time detection, complete visibility and intelligent response. 


Collaborative teams: At ExtraHop, teams frequently cross paths, share ideas and build community. “I had the privilege of working alongside colleagues from marketing, demand generation, customer success and field sales to build a value-based messaging framework for our technology,” said Sales Engineering Director Archana Ragothaman in an interview with Built In Seattle in December 2022. 


Notable perks and benefits

  • Health, dental and vision benefits are 100 percent covered
  • 12-week paid parental leave
  • 24 hours per year of paid volunteer time 
  • Continuing education stipend 




What Carbon Robotics does: Agtech company Carbon Robotics creates agricultural tools such as the Autonomous LaserWeeder. 


Inside the tech: Carbon Robotics’ innovative LaserWeeder is self-driving, powered by AI deep learning and capable of detecting and eliminating weeds in row crops. “We created our own software and datasets for the LaserWeeder in order to train the robots to perform precise laser targeting,” Founder and CEO Paul Mikesell said in a 2023 interview with Built In Seattle. 


Notable perks and benefits

  • Employee stock options
  • Fully paid medical, dental and vision benefits
  • Hybrid, in-office and remote work arrangements
  • Paid industry certifications



A person accessing a fundraising platform on their tablet.



What Snap! Mobile does: EdTech company Snap! Mobile provides educational leaders with a group fundraising platform. 


Recent acquisition: In 2022, Snap! Mobile acquired CNXT Digital, furthering its mission to fund, manage and create youth programs by gaining tools for extracurricular scheduling, registration and message translation. “By bringing these services together under one integrated platform, we can help even more administrators, athletic directors, coaches and group leaders build thriving programs for themselves and their participants,” CEO Cole Morgan said in a statement


Inside the tech team: “We believe in diverse, lean teams sitting within larger, cross-functional groups to focus on a specific domain vertical,” said Senior Director and Head of Engineering Dennis Baskin in a 2022 interview with Built In Seattle. “Clearer context and domain focus allows engineers to feel more ownership and build better products.”




What Vendia does: Vendia is a real-time data cloud company focused on removing the barriers that prevent access to data. 


Collective success: Built In Seattle spoke to Director of Solution Architecture and Customer Success James Gimourginas about what enables Vendia’s team members to achieve together. “We know we can only do our best work if we show up with kindness and respect for one another, our customers and our larger tech and business communities,” Gimourginas explained in the 2022 interview


Now hiring: Vendia is currently searching for developers, engineers, operations professionals, product experts and data analytics talent to join the team. Find out more details about these opportunities.



A person uses a smart home app.



What Wyze does: Wyze aims to make high-quality, user-friendly smart home products affordable.


Notable perks and benefits

  • Flexible schedules, including start and end times 
  • Monthly remote work technology stipend 
  • Generous parental leave
  • FSA daycare plan for children
  • Performance bonus


Growth opportunities: Wyze’s team members continuously learn and develop their skills. “It has been about one-and-a-half years since I started working here, and during this time, I have successfully built and delivered applications from the ground up that have an impact on millions of users,” said Software Engineer Kanghui Liu in a 2022 interview with Built In Seattle.




What PEAK6 does: PEAK6 is a tech-driven investment firm that builds and invests in businesses across several industries. 


An inclusive environment: PEAK6 and its team members are focused on fostering inclusion on a structural level. “The wonderful thing about PEAK6 Investments is that it is made up of a number of different companies that cover different industries,” Chairwoman of DEI Council Brianna Rogers told Built In Seattle, noting the inherently diverse perspectives that result. 


Great perks and benefits: Aside from generous health, dental and vision insurance plans and 401(k) programs, employees benefit from formalized mentorship and philanthropy programs. Additionally, PEAK6 offers three weeks of PTO and five personal days for all employees, and four weeks of PTO and five personal days for employees who have been with the company for over five years.



Layered images depicting different elements of the freight industry.



What Mothership does: Mothership’s freight marketplace and mission control dashboard are used by freight delivery companies to enhance efficiency. 


Notable benefits and perks

  • 99 percent employer-covered medical, vision, dental and disability insurance
  • Work-from-home stipend 
  • Five different cash versus equity packages to choose from
  • Flexible work schedule

    Fast shipping: Mothership’s same-day delivery freight solutions are available in several major metropolitan areas, including Los Angeles, Houston and New York. Features like automated routing and consignee scheduling provide a customer-focused experience.


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