From Freight to Faith: 5 Seattle Companies to Know

On the job hunt? Exploring local organizations? Check out these five Seattle companies making meaningful changes in their industries.

Written by Remy Merritt
Published on Jun. 22, 2021
From Freight to Faith: 5 Seattle Companies to Know
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The Seattle tech scene has been busy channeling the energy of a new and energized push to reimagine post-pandemic life into measurable growth. Between February and March 20201 the city’s tech job openings grew by 16 percent, and in May, Seattle’s top five tech funding rounds surpassed $143 million.

In the spirit of broadened horizons: whether you’re on the job hunt or just exploring local organizations, check out these five Seattle companies making meaningful changes in their industries.


What they do: As one of the largest industries in the United States, freight is capable of making significant environmental impacts. According to the EPA, 72 million metric tons of CO2-equivalent emissions are a direct result of heavy trucks driving empty — which is where Convoy steps in. Their team is building technology to drive supply chain efficiencies, connecting shippers with carriers and minimizing empty miles. 

Who’s behind them: Envoy’s investors include Jeff Bezos, Bono and The Edge, Marc Benioff and Howard Behar, to name just a few.

The right match: “We’re building a business that’s never been built before, and we need employees who are excited to dig in and solve complex problems for our customers,” Chief Product Officer Ziad Ismail previously told Built In.


What they do: Serving businesses in a wide range of industries — construction, solar, insurance, government and utilities — EagleView provides geospatial data and contextual roofing information. By providing roofing imagery 70 time more detailed than standard satellite competition, as well as building measurements to the ninth decimal point, EagleView’s accuracy reduces the need for field inspections and alleviates labor safety risks.

Life-saving data: When searching for a collapsed 13-year old hiker, Virginia’s Roanoke Valley emergency response team relied on EagleView imagery to determine her location and the overall condition of the terrain. A section of their rescue route was near a private road. Using EagleView’s data, the team was able to obtain owner information and verify that the road was clear, saving valuable resources and reaching the hiker in half the time.

Perks they offer: EagleView’s sharp perception isn’t limited to their imagery technology; with a keen eye for employee benefits, they offer robust medical and dental coverage, matching 401(k) and Roth IRA plans, and flexible paid time off.


What they do: Who do you trust when the Netflix wheel gets stuck at 20%, but your internet provider is insisting nothing is wrong? Ookla’s Speedtest provides independent insight into the speed and quality of mobile and fixed broadband connections — and more than 10 million people use it every day. As a knowledge base of the state of the internet around the world, Ookla also delivers national-level trends and data-backed analysis.

Where they’re located: Downtown Seattle, just blocks from Pike Place Market.

Ookla’s Origins: Named after the founder’s cat, Ookla offers perks that benefit the whole family — including pet insurance, unlimited vacation and paid parental leave.


What they do: With so few reasons to carry cash, Pushpay co-founders Eliot Crowther and Chris Heaslip recognized the need for mobile-based Christian church donations. Product features include a community church app, church management software and donor development, keeping members across all denominations connected to their community.

Latest developments: On May 12, PushPay completed their first interactive digital conference — Church Disrupt 2021 — bringing pastors and industry experts together to discuss the future of church technology.

Pushperks: For those looking for activities outside of the office, Pushpay offers company-sponsored family events, a company Tough Mudder team, and an employee-led volunteering program.


What they do: In 2020, while most of us were just getting familiarized with digital learning, DreamBox Learning was prepared. Through their adaptive learning technology, rigorous curriculum and engaging environment, DreamBox provides differentiated mathematics instruction to meet each student’s unique skills and needs.

What’s new: An updated Insight Dashboard and messaging system keeps district and school administrators up to date on students’ growth, areas for improvement and DreamBox’s predictions for future proficiencies.

Perks out-of-the-DreamBox: Comprehensive benefits include stock options, annual bonus incentives and a pet-friendly office.

Responses have been edited for length and clarity.

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