Major Players: Meet 30 of the Top Companies in Seattle Tech

Written by Matthew Urwin
January 26, 2022Updated: March 13, 2023

While its neighbors to the south steal most of the West Coast attention, Seattle boasts a stunning landscape that features hiking trails, stunning vistas, and the majestic slopes of Mount Rainier. That’s why many tech professionals view the Emerald City as a breath of fresh air compared to the hustle and bustle of Silicon Valley. According to the 2021 CBRE Tech Talent report, Seattle remains a top destination for college graduates looking to jumpstart their careers. 

Companies like Starbucks and Microsoft may have propelled Seattle into relevance, but the region has since attracted dozens of top companies. With a sprawling network of startups and businesses, Seattle has cemented its place on the list of top tech hubs. We’ve selected 30 companies that have a presence in Seattle and are solidifying the city as one of the tech world’s top spots. 

Top Companies in Seattle

  1. Amazon: 45,000+ Employees
  2. Tableau: 2,000+ Employees
  3. Cray: 1,000+ Employees
  4. Highspot: 600+ Employees
  5. Assurance: 500+ Employees
  6. 98point6: 300+ Employees
  7. Logic20/20: 300 Employees
  8. First Mode: 100+ Employees
  9. Knock: 100+ Employees
  10. Ookla: 100+ Employees
Highspot Largest Companies Seattle

Location: Belltown 

Employee count: 600+

Industry: Sales, Software 

What they do: Marketing and sales teams don’t always work in harmony, so Highspot is making sure these teams are on the same page. A sales enablement platform ensures sales reps can quickly access the content they need to deliver compelling insights to customers. In addition, Highspot’s platform offers in-context training, allowing sales reps to learn and apply knowledge when they need it most.


Assurance Largest Companies Seattle

Location: Downtown 

Employee count: 500+

Industry: Fintech, Healthtech 

What they do: Insurance remains a perplexing topic for many people, which is why Assurance is simplifying the industry. Assurance remains a hub for those seeking coverage in the areas of life, health, auto, and other insurance niches. People can explore the company’s site to compare plans and contact representatives with any questions. By gathering information through Assurance, consumers can select insurance plans that best fit their circumstances. 


Flyhomes Largest Companies Seattle

Location: Downtown 

Employee count: 100+ 

Industry: Real Estate 

What they do: Buying a home may seem like a daunting task, but Flyhomes guides customers through every step of the process. Every customer can lean on a team composed of licensed Flyhome agents, research analysts, tour specialists, and loan officers. With this support system, people can navigate local housing markets while securing an excellent rate on their ideal home.


Shelf Engine Largest Companies Seattle
Shelf Engine

Location: Downtown 

Employee count: 100+ 

Industry: Social Impact, Software 

What they do: To reduce the amount of food waste in grocery stores, Shelf Engine is reshaping the supplier-grocer relationship. Rather than charge stores for everything they buy, Shelf Engine only charges for items that sell. The company also takes over order management and leverages predictive models to purchase foods that are likely to be in demand. Stores can then look forward to less waste and higher profits, which Shelf Engine displays through a platform that includes crisp visuals.


Barn2Door Largest Companies Seattle

Location: Fremont 

Employee count: 70

Industry: Food, Software  

What they do: Barn2Door is eliminating the middle man and giving farmers direct access to their customers. Taking a tech-first approach, Barn2Door helps farmers set up online sites and provides them with the support needed to grow their business. With Barn2Door’s software, farmers can organize online products and reach audiences through various social channels. 


Stackline Largest Companies Seattle

Location: Belltown 

Employee count: 100+ 

Industry: Business Intelligence, E-commerce  

What they do: Rather than waste time on guesswork, companies are fine-tuning their marketing approach with the tools of Stackline. The e-commerce platform enables businesses to gain insights on sales metrics, consumer search volumes, and campaign results. By compiling this information through Stackline, teams can make adjustments and refine their marketing strategies moving forward.


98point6 Largest Companies Seattle

Location: 98point6

Employee count: 300+

Industry: Healthtech, Natural Language Processing

What they do: Primary care has become difficult for many patients to find, so 98point6 is making this service more accessible with its AI-powered platform. 98point6’s platform connects people to a network of U.S. board-certified physicians. After patients fill out their profiles on a mobile app, they can request a visit 24/7 and receive personalized, private care through a text-based format.


Knock Largest Companies Seattle

Location: Ballard 

Employee count: 100+

Industry: Marketing Tech, Real Estate 

What they do: Real estate remains a crowded and competitive market, so Knock is giving teams the resources to rise above the rest. With Knock’s Business Intelligence platform, companies can track leasing agents’ progress and determine who needs extra support. The platform also comes in a mobile format, allowing agents to monitor properties and close deals while on the go.


DoubleDown Interactive Largest Companies Seattle
DoubleDown Interactive

Location: Chinatown-International District  

Employee count: 80 

Industry: Gaming, Mobile 

What they do: DoubleDown Interactive has made a lasting impact on gaming by bringing casino content to worldwide audiences. Transitioning land-based casino games into the mobile space, DoubleDown Interactive has become a top producer of casino slot game content. DoubleDown Casino, DoubleDown Fort Knox, and DoubleDown Classic have become gaming staples as DoubleDown Interactive continues to expand its reach in the gaming realm.


Hiya Largest Companies Seattle

Location: Downtown 

Employee count: 100+

Industry: Security, Software 

What they do: Phone calls may serve as a source of confusion or anxiety, which is why Hiya is streamlining the phone screening process. Leveraging machine learning models, Hiya sorts through call data and metrics to discern fraudulent callers from actual customers. Businesses can then avoid unnecessary calls, increase pickup rates, and strengthen their bonds with customers.


Mason Largest Companies Seattle

Location: Downtown 

Employee count: 100

Industry: Hardware, Software

What they do: While plenty of creators have ideas, Mason showcases the expertise and software needed to bring those ideas into being. Once customers build prototypes with Mason’s developer tools, Mason takes care of logistical matters and crafts physical products. Creators can also monitor their devices with Mason’s management features, remaining in control from start to finish.


Logic20/20 Largest Companies Seattle

Location: Sodo 

Employee count: 300 

Industry: Business Intelligence, Consulting 

What they do: Businesses are constantly seeking ways to improve, but Logic20/20 helps clients find creative methods for adapting. From strategy to customer relations, Logic20/20 analyzes data and leverages technology to craft solutions that match the unique needs of each company. With tools like chatbots and cloud platforms, teams can deliver exceptional customer experiences with the guidance of Logic20/20. Largest Companies Seattle

Location: Downtown 

Employee count: 50+ 

Industry: Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing 

What they do: Customer conversations are a core part of any business, so is equipping teams with the power of conversational intelligence. Applying’s technology, companies can transcribe conversations across multiple channels and process over 30 languages and accents.’s products can also understand keywords and contexts, allowing teams to stay one step ahead by anticipating relevant questions and follow-up items.


Ookla Largest Companies Seattle

Location: Downtown 

Employee count: 100+

Industry: Software 

What they do: Ookla is aiding users across the globe with the latest tools and information regarding network speed. The company is best known for its product Speedtest, which delivers accurate analyses of internet speeds and comes as a mobile app. In addition, Ookla also runs Downdetector, monitoring service statuses and informing consumers of outages. As a result, Ookla has become an epicenter for all things network-related and continues to keep internet-goers in the know.

Sendle Largest Companies Seattle

Location: Downtown 

Employee count: 100+

Industry: E-commerce, Logistics 

What they do: Getting products where they need to go shouldn’t be a hassle, and Sendle embodies this belief. The shipping company aids small businesses with affordable flat rates on local, regional, and national shipping. Customers can complete orders and select a pickup or delivery option through Sendle’s site, and Sendle takes care of the rest. Being the first carbon-neutral shipping carrier, Sendle is supporting businesses with cleaner, more efficient logistics.


OctoML Largest Companies Seattle

Location: Downtown 

Employee count: 50+

Industry: Machine Learning

What they do: To maximize the potential of hardware systems, OctoML has crafted a versatile machine learning platform. Companies wary of months-long deployments will appreciate the simplicity of OctoML’s product, which takes hours to adopt and is anchored by Apache TVM. OctoML also provides comparisons between old and new hardware models, so businesses can further tailor OctoML’s solutions to address their specific pain points.


Xealth Largest Companies Seattle

Location: Pioneer Square 

Employee count: 60+

Industry: Healthtech, Information Technology 

What they do: Xealth is tapping into electronic health records (EHRs) to deliver faster, personalized care to patients. When providers integrate Xealth’s digital health platform with their EHR, they can match patients with digital health tools and programs based on EHR data. Organizations can then monitor patients’ progress, creating seamless patient experiences through Xealth’s platform.


Xpansiv Largest Companies Seattle

Location: Belltown 

Employee count: 100+ 

Industry: Fintech, Greentech 

What they do: Although most investors focus on profits, Xpansiv is pursuing a broader vision through Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) offerings. Xpansiv extracts data from its market platform, which supports transactions involving energy, carbon, and water. With this information, Xpansiv can calculate more accurate values of energy resources. Customers can then make responsible investments while protecting their portfolios.


Logixboard Largest Companies Seattle

Location: Downtown 

Employee count: 40+ 

Industry: Logistics, Software 

What they do: Logixboard is propelling the freight forwarding industry to new heights of productivity. Leveraging the company’s SaaS platform, businesses can replace messy spreadsheets with a sleek interface. Teams can compile real-time shipment data, message customers, and share documents. Rather than waste time on manual processes, companies can handle all aspects of the shipping business with the all-around platform of Logixboard.


First Mode Largest Companies Seattle
First Mode

Location: Chinatown-International District

Employee count: 100+

Industry: Energy, Greentech 

What they do: Unfazed by complex challenges, First Mode is a company that brings together planetary scientists, electrical engineers, and other high-tech creatives. This multi-faceted team has made great strides in developing powerful electric vehicles, harnessing hydrogen fuel cells, and even studying life on Mars. As a result, First Mode is expanding the possibilities for what the future holds and blazing fresh trails in the energy sector.


OneCare Media Largest Companies Seattle
OneCare Media

Location: University District 

Employee count: 50+

Industry: Digital Media, Healthtech

What they do: Lots of health tips float around on the internet, so OneCare Media is giving customers the clarity to cut through the clutter. Originally focused on the issue of sleep, OneCare Media has delivered state-of-the-art restful solutions through its Sleep Foundation brand. However, the company has since branched out and has plans to expand into the telehealth, online therapy, and Medicare spaces.


convoy largest companies seattle

Location: Downtown

Employees: 400+

Industry: Logistics

What they do: Convoy is a platform connecting carriers and shippers, creating a more efficient trucking and supply chain industry. On average, 40% of trucks have empty space and Convoy helps carriers fill those trucks, eliminating wasted space and saving time and fuel.


amazon largest companies seattle

Location: Downtown 

Employee count: 45,000+

Industry: E-commerce, AI, Cloud, IT

What they do: Amazon is famous for being the "Everything Store," but it's also a powerful technology company specializing in e-commerce, cloud computing and artificial intelligence. As the second largest employer in the United States, Amazon’s Seattle headquarters boasts an impressive head count and more than forty office buildings.


outreach largest tech companies seattle

Location: Wallingford

Employees: 200+

Industry: B2B, Software

What they do: Outreach makes engagement solutions for sales and customer success teams to enhance their performance throughout the sales cycle. The management platform can be tailored to fit each business and even manage recruiting activities and candidates.


pitchbook largest tech companies seattle

Location: Downtown

Employee count: 350+

Industry: Fintech, Software

What they do: PitchBook is a financial data and software company that provides information about private and public equity markets to a variety of clients like investment banks, investors, lenders and venture capital firms.


remitly largest tech companies seattle

Location: Downtown

Employee count: 200+

Industry: Fintech

What they do: Remitly is a payments and financial services company that helps people make simpler international money transfers from the United States. Remitly makes it more affordable to send and transfer money across borders while allowing users to track it every step of the way.


extrahop largest companies seattle

Location: Downtown (Pike Street)

Employees: 250+

Industry: Cybersecurity, Cloud, Big Data

What they do: ExtraHop creates cybersecurity solutions for enterprise customers. The company’s range of products and solutions includes threat detection, cloud migration, application analytics and network security.


getty images largest companies seattle
Getty Images

Location: International District

Employees: 500+

Industry: Media

What they do: Getty Images is a stock imagery and footage company providing licensed photo, audio and video content. Founded in 1995, Getty now offers access to over 200 million pieces of content through their applications and websites.


trupanion largest tech companies seattle

Location: Georgetown

Employee count: 300+

Industry: Insurance, Pets

What they do: Trupanion is one of the top providers of medical insurance for pets. The insurance company works with 100% of veterinarians and their online processes make enrollment and insurance claims fast and simple


f5 networks largest companies seattle
F5 Networks

Location: Lower Queen Anne

Employee count: 1000+

Industry: Cloud

What they do: F5 Networks specializes in application management, deployment and security for companies looking to break into the cloud. Currently 49 out of the Fortune 50 companies use F5 Networks for app services.


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