Weekly Refresh: Porch Raises $20.6M, Legalpad Scores $10M, and More

January 13, 2020
image via shutterstock.

Porch raised $20.6M. The home improvement startup matches homeowners with professionals who can help them with projects. The new finances will help fund operations. [Built In Seattle]

OceanGate’s pool of funds rose by $18M. The company specializes in deep-sea exploration with submersibles. The new investment will allow them to deploy new manned subs to explore the Titanic site. [Built In Seattle]

Legalpad won $10M. The startup works to expedite the U.S. work visa process with their software. Its offerings focus mainly on startups, supporting O-1 visas, EB-1 green cards and more. [Built In Seattle]

Alitheon announced $14.9M in funding. The company’s AI technology can tell the difference between two objects that seem identical, and can be used for authentication purposes. The financing will allow the company to expand its FeaturePrint technology. [Built In Seattle]

TwinStrand Bioscience raised $16M. The company claims its DNA sequencing method brings the error rate down to 0.0001 percent, compared to the current error rate of 1 percent. The Series A funds will allow the company to start commercializing its technology. [Built In Seattle]

Pushpay acquired Church Community Builder. The two businesses aim to deliver a fully integrated church management system. They’ll also offer a custom community app and giving solution. [Built In Seattle]

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