50 influential people in Seattle tech to follow on Twitter

by Quinten Dol
August 6, 2018
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You can use Twitter for just about anything — yelling about politics, holding profound discussions in 270 characters or less, or simply sharing your funniest fails

It’s also an invaluable portal directly into some of the brightest and brainiest minds in the tech world. Here, we’ve compiled a list of 50 of the most influential individuals in the Seattle tech scene, from the big players and up-and-comers to insightful observers. They all tweet regularly, and offer unique vantage points on the industry. While this list is far from exhaustive, it’s certainly a great place to start your Twitter journey. Be good to one another out there, and happy tweeting!


Rich Barton

Follow @Rich_Barton

Twitter bio: “Lucky to be married to @Sarbarton and to be neighbored to @Sacca & @Crystale. Powwow 2018. Father, husband, entrepreneur, coach, & all around grateful guy.”

Tweets about: Trends and issues in tech, specifically around Zillow, Expedia and Glassdoor — he was a founder at all three.


Todd Bishop
Editor and co-founder

Follow @toddbishop

Twitter bio: “GeekWire editor and co-founder.”

Tweets about: Tech news and trends.


Follow @ShaunaCausey

Twitter bio: “All about startups. Advisor. Speaker. Sometimes activist. Previously: VP at @StartupWeekend, @Nordstrom, @Decide (@eBay) Comcast @Simple.”

Tweets about: Startup life and funding news.


Maria Colacurcio

Follow @mcolacurcio

Twitter bio: “Director, business integration at Starbucks. Co-founder of Smartsheet.com, Passionate about closing the pay gap and women in tech! Tweets are mine.”

Tweets about: Women in tech and Starbucks insights.


Matt Day
Business reporter

Follow @mattmday

Twitter bio: “Business reporter minding Amazon for the Seattle Times.”

Tweets about: Insights from one of the best Amazon watchers in the business.


Chris DeVore
Managing Partner

Follow @crashdev

Twitter bio: “Professional troublemaker | GP @ Founders' Co-op | MD @ Techstars Seattle | Alexa Accelerator.”

Tweets about: All things Pacific Northwest startups.


Joe Duffy
Founder and CEO

Follow @funcOfJoe

Twitter bio: “Founder/CEO @PulumiCorp • Cloud, languages, and developer tools guy • Eat, sleep, code, repeat.”

Tweets about: Code, startup life and developer humor.


Follow @etzioni

Twitter bio: “CEO, AIlen Institute for AI (AI2); Professor, Allen School of CS, UW; Venture Partner, Madrona. http://Semanticscholar.org.”

Tweets about: All things artificial intelligence.


Follow @LeslieFeinzaig

Twitter bio: “Founder & CEO of the Female Founders Alliance @2point19, mom to Dora, wife to social media reclusive hubby, immigrant, geek.”

Tweets about: Gender equality in tech.


John Gabbert
CEO and Founder

Follow @john_gabbert

Twitter bio: “CEO and Founder of @PitchBook - delivering a better way to do VC, PE, and M&A. It's about our amazing team doing the extraordinary everyday. [email protected]

Tweets about: Data-driven insights on the tech industry, mostly via Pitchbook.


Sean Gardner
Digital marketing and business intelligence

Follow @2morrowknight

Twitter bio: “World Traveler • Board @WorldCommForum @FreeNPTech • formerly @Apple @Microsoft • #GivingTuesday Ambassador • producing films with @RashaGoel • #AI #aiforgood”

Tweets about: Marketing and tech industry trends.


Jen Gentleman
Software engineer and community manager

Follow @JenMsft

Twitter bio: “Software Engineer, Community Manager & #WindowsInsider on Shell team @ Microsoft. I work w/ Windows feedback 4 Start, Action center, taskbar, Windows Ink + more”

Tweets about: Microsoft from an insider's perspective and geek humor.


Follow @gilbert

Twitter bio: “Co-founder, @PSL. Co-Host, @AcquiredFM. Previously: @MadronaVL @MSFTGarage, Office for iPad. Lifelong Buckeye.”

Tweets about: His “Acquired” podcast and startup life.


Brett Greene
CEO and Founder

Follow @BrettGreene

Twitter bio: “CEO/Founder @NewTechNW» Executive Consultant (Biz, Mktg, Relational)» Chief Evangelist @CityBldr» Believer in Inclusion, Equity & Justice for All.”

Tweets about: Moving and grooving in the world of Seattle startups.


Tina-Marie Gulley
Director, Account-based marketing and digital

Follow @SoGulley

Twitter bio: “Dir of ABM @AmpleroInc, @ChickTechSea leader, dog mom, music enthusiast, I (love) tech, foodie & hair product junkie. Opinions & moments of awkwardness are my own.”

Tweets about: Marketing and social justice in tech.


Monica Guzman
Director and Co-founder

Follow @moniguzman

Twitter bio: “Director and cofounder of @TheEvergrey & 2016 Nieman Fellow. Former: Columnist @SeattleTimes @GeekWire @CJR, V-Ch SPJ Ethics. [email protected]

Tweets about: Seattle life, including insights on business and tech.


Kristen Hamilton

Follow @Kristen_Hammy

Twitter bio: “Koru co-founder, global citizen, rule-bender, single mom CEO, connector, education innovation junkie, skier.”

Tweets about: Seattle VCs, startup life and Canadian entrepreneurship.


Peter Hamilton

Follow @PeterHamilton

Twitter bio: “CEO at TUNE. entrepreneur, performance marketer, optimizer, teacher, blogger, cowboy by heritage, musician by heart.”

Tweets about: Local tech companies and (his other passion) music.


Renee Hendrickson

Follow @gigglegirl4e

Twitter bio: “Founder of @NIRDLLC, CEO @travisci, Ruby Enthusiast, Hiker, Skier, Climber, Dog Lover, and long time proponent of the rubber duck method.”

Tweets about: Diversity in tech.


Follow @Ryanintheus

Twitter bio: “Aussie in Seattle | Travel/Nature/Adventure Photographer | Yogi | Dad | Entrepreneur | CEO at @RyanintheusLLC: Business/Marketing Strategy & Influencer Services.”

Tweets about: Marketing strategy, viral content.


Nicholas Hunt-Walker
Application Developer

Follow @nhuntwalker

Twitter bio: “Web Developer, Instructor, Data Scientist, Pythonista, Astronomer, Black guy, Father. Always looking to learn, to grow, to be more human...in a quantitative way”

Tweets about: Social justice, tech industry trends.


Alex Kipman
Windows and Devices Technical Fellow

Follow @akipman

Twitter bio: “Technical Fellow - Windows and Devices ... Zeus @ Xbox Live.”

Tweets about: The latest in gaming and gadgets.


Jeff Lanctot

Follow @lanctot

Twitter bio: “Non-profit: MORELove. For-profit: Mixpo CEO, Razorfish CMO, aQuantive. Investor/advisor: Placed, Conversion Logic, Jobalign. Now working on the next thing.”

Tweets about: Tech industry trends and entrepreneurship.


Mary Beth Lambert
Executive Director

Follow @marybethlambert

Twitter bio: “Communicator, mom of teens, fair weather cyclist, backyard gardener, daily dog walker. Tweets are mine.”

Tweets about: Industry trends and women in tech.


Rachel Lerman
Tech reporter

Follow @rachelerman

Twitter bio: “Tech reporter @seattletimes. Theatre geek. Past Burns fellow @tagesspiegel. [email protected]

Tweets about: Local technology news.


Rebecca Lovell
Acting Director, Office of Economic Development

Follow @lovelletters

Twitter bio: “Acting Director, Office of Economic Development (@SeattleEconomy, @CityofSeattle). Board member @startupusa & @uwfosterschool, mentor @techstars.”

Tweets about: Local entrepreneurship, usually with a focus on the tech industry.


Sonal Mane
Director, Microsoft for Startups

Follow @sonalpmane

Twitter bio: “@MSFTStartups @PIPELINEorg Past: @GirlsinTech #VC @math_v_p @Chicagolandec #Product @windows @bing @Office @usc. #author #entrepreneur #startups”

Tweets about: Insights from founders of companies large and small.


Matt McIlwain
Managing Director

Follow @mattmcilwain

Twitter bio: “Building companies, innovation economy, family - Carol and 3 M's, close friends, Madrona Venture Group, soccer, Dartmouth, Seahawks”

Tweets about: Industry trends from a VC's perspective.


Megan E. McNally
Founder and CEO

Follow @memcnally

Twitter bio: “Lawyer. Rabble rouser. Out to level some playing fields. Find me @FBombBClub and @DianaSportsTV.”

Tweets about: Sport and media coverage of it.


Follow @medinism

Twitter bio: “Student of Sales @Outreach_io Empirical skeptic. Manny and Manuel both work”

Tweets about: Sales strategy, immigrants in tech and all things Outreach.


Daryn Nakhuda
Founder and CEO

Follow @daryn

Twitter bio: “Daryn Nakhuda: From startups to Amazon and back again. CEO and founder, Mighty AI (formerly Spare5)”

Tweets about: The Seattle tech community, startup life.


Matt Oppenheimer

Follow @matt_oppy

Twitter bio: “payments. startups. fintech. remittances. mobile. @Harvard and @Dartmouth alum. @Remitly CEO.”

Tweets about: Intersections of tech and immigration.


Amber Osborne
Chief Marketing Officer

Follow @MissDestructo

Twitter bio: “Chief Marketing Officer @DogheadSims - VR Meeting & Education Software - rumii | Former CMO of A.I. @Meshfire | @Forbes #2 Social CMO | @PolarMethod.”

Tweets about: Technological insights from one of the most social CMOs in the business.


Eugenio Pace
Founder and CEO

Follow @eugenio_pace

Twitter bio: “Electrical engineer, software practitioner, amateur mechanic, stoic-ish, builder. Co-Founder and CEO at Auth0 (@auth0)”

Tweets about: Engineering and Auth0 insights.


Dave Parker
Venture Partner

Follow @DaveParkerSEA

Twitter bio: “Venture Partner @SevenPeaksVC, #Entrepreneur, #Founder @6MonthStartup. Board Member @Guidant @AudiencePoint. My best gig is a Husband, Dad, #UWHuskies.”

Tweets about: Venture capital and startups.


Hadi Partovi
Founder and CEO

Follow @hadip

Twitter bio: “Founder #HourOfCode, CEO @Codeorg. Director at @Axon_us and @Convoyteam. Fortunate early investor in Facebook, airbnb, Dropbox, Uber.”

Tweets about: Tech education programs.


Heather Redman
Co-founder and Managing Partner

Follow @heatherredman

Twitter bio: “Co-founder & MP @flyingfishvc Regent @WSUCougars Chair @SeattleChamber Director @beneficialstate & @forterra Vice Chair @WTIA, Advisor @blokable & @iinnovate.”

Tweets about: General tech news and local social issues.


Julie Sandler
Managing Director

Follow @juliesandler

Twitter bio: “Managing Director @PSL Ventures. Lecturer @UW. Board @waroundtable @OppScholarship. Previously @MadronaVentures, @amazonkindle. VC, social impact & the arts”

Tweets about: Seattle startups and venture capital movements.


Follow @danshapiro

Twitter bio: “CEO of @Glowforge and RobotTurtles.com . Formerly Google, Sparkbuy & Ontela. Author of Hot Seat: The Startup CEO Guidebook with @OReillyMedia. Lucky dad.”

Tweets about: 3D printing, tech and general nerdiness.


Follow @rsingh68

Twitter bio: “Now: @Accolade CEO Then: @Concur co-founder Always: @jilllsingh @apptio,@seattlechildren, @kexp,@StolenYouthWa, @concur, @amperity @avalara & #Seattle.”

Tweets about: Business strategy.


Steven Sinofsky
Board Partner

Follow @stevesi

Twitter bio: “ॐ • Board Partner @a16z • Adviser @BoxHQ • Writings @ Learning by Shipping • Nikon”

Tweets about: All things tech from one of Silicon Valley’s leading VCs.


Brad Smith

Follow @BradSmi

Twitter bio: “Microsoft President”

Tweets about: Tech history, politics and Microsoft initiatives.


Kieran Snyder

Follow @KieranSnyder

Twitter bio: “CEO @textio, linguist, writer, mom. Learning loops and augmented writing.”

Tweets about: Linguistics and startup life.


Adam Stelle
Co-founder and COO

Follow @AdamStelle

Twitter bio: “Human trying to live humanely. Cofounder @Loftium. Past: EIR @psl; VP @Galvanize; COO @StartupWeekend / VP UP Global (now part of @Techstars)”

Tweets about: Startup life.


Ashley Stewart
Tech and Finance Reporter

Follow @ashannstew

Twitter bio: “Tech and finance reporter for @PSBJ. @SPJWash board member. @UW '15. Contact: [email protected] or 206-876-5421.”

Tweets about: Tech news.


Sarah Studer
Managing director

Follow @sarahstood

Twitter bio: “@hubsea BizDev + Comms, @SeattleCityClub Board member, not sure why these Tweets wouldn't be mine #seattlebysarah #fameish”

Tweets about: Networking and business insights.


Jinesh Varia
Chief Technology Officer and Co-founder

Follow @jinman

Twitter bio: “Co-founder & CTO, Xemelgo, Ex-Hitachi, Ex-AWS. Passion for Industrial IoT, Cloud architectures.”

Tweets about: Business strategy, specifically in the IoT space.


Tarah Wheeler
Senior Director, Data Trust and Threat & Vulnerability Management

Follow @tarah

Twitter bio: “@Splunk Sr Director, Data Trust & Threat+Vuln Mgmt @NewAmCyber Fellow #WomenInTechBook Married to @deviantollam Cards cybercats cooking coding coffee”

Tweets about: Cybersecurity industry trends.


Follow @kirbywinfield

Twitter bio: “Startup investor. My hiphop Twitter game stays strong.”

Tweets about: Pacific northwest startups and venture capital.


Jennifer Wong
Head of Marketing

Follow @Jenerationy

Twitter bio: “MKTG at @Convoyteam. Forbes #30under30. Tweeting about marketing, travel, food, and Seattle. Weekends include brunch and blogging.”

Tweets about: Convoy and trucking industry updates, marketing strategy.


Sophie Kalt contributed to the production of this report. 

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