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Artificial Intelligence • Big Data • Blockchain • Machine Learning • Software • NFT • Web3
Seattle, Washington, USA
15 Employees

Building intelligent apps that leverage AI is still way too hard, even for advanced developers. Our mission is to make this as easy as creating a modern web page. Spice AI provides the fastest, easiest, and smartest way to access and leverage web3 data. Designed for applications and machine learning, we remove the complexity of building and operating massive data infrastructure – enabling teams to create the next generation of data and AI-driven apps. The next generation of AI-driven applications will have a profoundly positive impact on the way we all live. Spice AI is enabling and accelerating their creation. From health and longevity to security for all, Spice-powered apps will enrich the lives of everyone, everywhere. If that resonates with you, join us!

Blockchain • Gaming • NFT
Seattle, Washington, USA
40 Employees

The SHRAPNEL team at NEON is comprised of industry experts from AAA games and blockchain projects. The studio is headquartered at our waterfront offices in mossy Seattle, WA. We’re a unique team of designers, producers, artists, and programmers working at the nexus of games, television, movies, and graphic novels. Collectively, we’ve produced some of the biggest franchises in entertainment.