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Top Seattle, WA Aerospace Companies (21)

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Aerospace • Artificial Intelligence • Hardware • Robotics • Software
Seattle, WA
750 Employees

Anduril is working to solve some of the most important and complex national security challenges, enabling America and its allies to maintain global leadership now and into the future. We’re building the next generation of technology, like AI, autonomy and sensor fusion, that will aid and protect those who serve on the front lines.

Aerospace • Hardware
Seattle, WA

Vita is pioneering new innovative hardware solutions for daily safety problems in aerospace, construction, and other dangerous industries.

Everett, WA

For over 40 years, AvtechTyee has been the leader in the design, development, and manufacture of electronic systems and the unique swaging, forming, machining, and assembly of close tolerance metal components and systems for the aerospace industry.

Auburn, WA

Skills Inc. is a nonprofit social enterprise that employs people of ALL ABILITIES in aerospace manufacturing, aerospace finishing, technical services and business solutions. Our fully integrated, inclusive workforce is comprised of individuals with and without disabilities working side-by-side throughout all four lines of business.

Aerospace • Information Technology • Cybersecurity • Defense • Manufacturing
Seattle, WA
141,014 Employees

We’re engineers and technicians. Scientists and thinkers. Innovators and dreamers. Our teams work on advanced technologies that transform aerospace and make a global impact. We’re shaping an environment where everyone is included, respected and supported. We’ll go further together as we manufacture, service and sustain leading defense, space and security systems and commercial jetliners.

Bellevue, WA

EarthNow is the first satellite imaging system designed expressly to deliver real-time, intelligent video observations of the Earth.

Monroe, WA

Damar Aerosystems, a division of Senior Operations LLC, is an aerospace manufacturing company, located in the State of Washington. We are a dynamic and growing organization that manufacturers precision machined parts and assemblies for the commercial aerospace and defense industries.

Auburn, WA

A division of Orion Industries, Orion Aerospace is a leader in precision metal fabrication for the aerospace, defense, medical and marine industries. As an AS 9100 organization, Orion provides our customers with state of the art technologies and increased value opportunities through effective supply chain solutions.

3D Printing • Aerospace • Hardware • Robotics • Software
Seattle, WA
95 Employees

At BRINC we are driven by a spirit of service. Our team works hand in hand with our customers to imagine and build American-made drones that protect first responders and people in situations of real-world danger. A tragic moment led to BRINC's invention: the 2017 mass shooting at The Mandalay Bay, in our hometown of Las Vegas. For more than an hour, people were shot and killed, and. hundreds scrambled to find safety. At the same time, men and women risked their lives in a painstaking, physical search of the tower. We waited, we asked why, and how could we help? Our Founder and CEO, Blake Resnick, knew that technology must be able to offer a solution, and serve a role to save lives. Invention needs persistence: a 17-year-old Blake reached out to local Las Vegas law enforcement and finally secured a meeting. Amid skepticism, Blake's passion and creative vision convinced a seasoned team to support his vision to build a tool that could help them. For the next 3+ years, Blake lived the problem - riding with first responders, to experience their challenges in the field - and he developed the drone that now is BRINC's first breakthrough system: The LEMUR S, Built in the USA. We launched BRINC in early 2021 and today we are a diverse team of more than 100 engineers, builders, technologists, and public safety specialists.

Aerospace • Greentech • Defense • Manufacturing
Seattle, WA
100 Employees

We're on a mission - starting with 100% reusable rockets.

3D Printing • Aerospace • Automotive • On-Demand • Software
Chicago, IL
200 Employees

Hubs is an online manufacturing platform that provides engineers with on-demand access to a global network of manufacturing services. Users can easily upload their design, instantly receive a quote, and start production at the click of a button. Founded in Amsterdam in 2013, Hubs has raised over US$30 million and produced more than 7 million parts, using various manufacturing technologies, including CNC machining, 3D printing, injection molding and sheet metal fabrication

Aerospace • Consumer Web • Hardware • Internet of Things
Redmond, WA
7,000 Employees

SpaceX is leveraging its experience in building rockets and spacecraft to deploy the world's most advanced broadband internet system. Starlink is a global satellite network unbounded by ground infrastructure limitations that will deliver high speed broadband internet to locations where access has been unreliable, expensive or unavailable.

Bothell, WA

Tethers Unlimited develops transformative technologies to enable new capabilities and dramatic cost savings for missions in Space, Sea, and Air.

Seattle, WA

TLG Aerospace, LLC (TLG) is an aerospace engineering services company dedicated to providing customers with reliable, efficient design, analysis and certification for new and modified aircraft and related aerospace products.

Seattle, WA

We usher your aerospace project from engineering and design to prototype manufacturing, testing, and certification with multiple international aviation agencies.

Aerospace • Hardware • Internet of Things • Robotics
Seattle, WA

Aerospace • Robotics • Software • Design
Bothell , WA
226 Employees

Turnkey Factory Automation for the Future of Aerospace Specializing in industrial automation for 20 years, AIT is the dominating global provider of turnkey factory automation and aerospace tooling, including the design, fabrication, installation, and maintenance of fully integrated plant-floor systems. With hundreds of systems in operation worldwide, AIT has the process knowledge as well as technical and management expertise necessary to implement any automation program.

Aerospace • Transportation
Seattle, WA
11 Employees

BlackSky is the driving force behind looking at our planet in real-time, providing an easy, affordable way to order and access high-quality satellite imaging to vastly improve understanding about our world. Through a planned 60-satellite constellation capturing over 95 percent of the Earth’s populated area, the company will provide near real-time s