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Artificial Intelligence • Healthtech • Machine Learning • Natural Language Processing • Biotech • Telehealth • Conversational AI
Bellevue, WA
21 Employees

Aiberry is a dynamic startup creating an innovative and practical mental health screening solution. Its platform improves efficiency and saves time for healthcare providers with cutting-edge AI technology, based on two decades of research bundled into a powerful solution that helps providers better serve their patients. Its Machine Learning (ML) pipelines are designed to eliminate biases, including those related to age, gender, sexual orientation and race. Aiberry's distinctive, multi-modal approach evaluates an individual's mental health by analyzing text, audio, and video cues during a bot-administered interview. The status quo of depression measurement requires individuals to self-rate the frequency and severity of their depression symptoms by picking a “best describes you” answer from a series of multiple-choice questions. Meanwhile, Aiberry’s app offers the option of a novel AI assessment featuring a friendly digital animation called “Botberry” that encourages users to talk about themselves in their own words.

Conversational AI
Seattle, WA